PolitiChick Dr. Gina Was About To Do The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge – Until A Text Message Stopped Her Cold

When PolitiChick Dr. Gina Loudon was invited to do the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, she was up for it. Just as she was about to have icy water dumped on her head, she got a text from a friend and colleague that stopped her cold.

She explained to her viewers last week on Smart Life with Dr. Gina why she stopped the Ice Bucket Challenge: “I was poised at the bottom of a balcony outside for someone to pour an ice bucket on my head, when Kevin McCollough texted me and said, ‘You do know where all that money is going that is being raised for ALS research?'” She didn’t. Like millions of others worldwide who have participated in, or watched videos of, the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, she assumed that the money was all going to help people who suffer from the horribly debilitating disease known as ALS, or Lou Gehrig’s disease.

Kevin told her that he had recently written an article with the provocative title, “The ALS Challenge Kills Babies.” He said that people need to pay attention to where the money is going. People participating in the challenge are requested to make a donation to the ALS Association. That organization has racked in millions of dollars this summer, and some of that money is going to support embryonic stem cell research. The Inquistitr reported recently that, for this reason, many pro-lifers are not supporting the ALS Association.

After the text stopped her from completing the Ice Bucket Challenge, Dr. Gina invited Kevin McCullough to come on her show to explain further what he meant.

Gina ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

He explained that embryonic stem cell research has “proven zero percent effective in finding cures for neurological dysfunction; adult stem cells have proven exceedingly effective.” Yet some of the money raised by the ALSA still funds the embryonic stem cell research. McCullough explains exactly what that is:

“This is the most terrifying part of it — embryonic stem cells are created by the harvesting of an embryo, and letting that embryo die, so that they can take the stem cells from the base of the brain of the embryo. There are no deaths associated with the harvesting of adult stem cells. It’s a huge difference. I don’t want to see children created so that then they are just sacrificed. I’m not living in a Keanu Reeves science/sci-fi movie. I want kids to be protected, and I want kids to live.”

ALSA Embryonic Stem Cell Research

Dr. Gina is married to a former state senator from Missouri, John Loudon. In their days in state politics, Gina recalls being wined and dined by some very powerful and wealthy investors around the beginning of the push into embryonic stem cell research, which her husband rejected. She says that there is a great deal of money at stake in the research, even though there have been no successes in embryonic stem cells being able to “actually solve or cure any problem.”

The powerful investors stand to lose millions if the research into the ineffective embryonic stem cells goes away.

In one specific study funded by the ALS Association, the website for the study clearly states that it uses cells derived from an aborted baby:

“These stem cells have been engineered from the spinal cord of a single fetus electively aborted after eight weeks of gestation. The tissue was obtained with the mother’s consent.”

Research For ASLA Kills Babies

However, “there is a plethora, a huge body of evidence out there, that adult stem cells, because they are directed, actually are effective,” says Dr. Gina.

She also stated that organizations like the March of Dimes and the Susan B. Komen Foundation have been involved with embryonic stem cell research. For that reason, she does not support them.

Not only do adult stem cells hold promise in finding cures for ALS and other neurological diseases, essential oils may hold some answers.

“The American Medical Association (AMA) has said that if they could find an agent that would pass the blood-brain barrier, they would be able to find cures for ailments such as Lou Gehrig’s disease [ALS], multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease, and Parkinson’s disease,” according to Dr. David Stewart, PhD, in his book Healing Oils of the Bible. “Such agents already exist and have been available since Biblical times. The agents, of course, are essential oils — particularly those containing the brain oxygenating molecules of sesquiterpenes.”

Research into adult stem cells and essential oils avoids the controversial and unethical deaths of babies for the sake of research. There are a number of other organizations doing ALS research people can donate to that do not participate in any embryonic stem cell research, such as the John Paul II Medical Research Institute and Team Gleason.

ALSA Challenge PolitiChick

Kevin McCullough pulls no punches with Dr. Gina Loudon, who is co-author of the brand new book What Women Really Want with fellow PolitiChicks Ann-Marie Murrell and Morgan Brittany. He closed with these words:

“If you contribute to the ALSA challenge, you are contributing to the creation of, the harvesting of, and the death of children expressly for fruitless experimentation, and I think that’s a bad reason to create kids.”

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