Spoilers For 'Bachelor In Paradise': Episode 6 Brings Bats, Confrontations, Jealousy And Indecision

Bachelor in Paradise episode 6 airs Monday night, and romance definitely seems to be blossoming for a couple of the pairs in the house. At the same time, sparks have been flying in other ways and there is more drama ahead, naturally. Fans want Bachelor in Paradise spoilers, and there are some new ones available.

Marcus Grodd and Lacy Faddoul are falling in love, and they will have another date together in this next episode. The show's Facebook page shared a Bachelor in Paradise spoiler preview and this date setting will surely give some reason to shudder. Marcus and Lacy will go through a cave filled with bats during their excursion. He's told her he loves her, but will she be able to open up and reciprocate?

ABC has released some additional Bachelor in Paradise spoilers. Michelle Money is anxious to find love, but she is taken aback a bit by Cody Sattler's willingness to go all-in. Will he scare her off? Sarah Herron is very excited to see Brooks Forrester arrive at the house. This leads her to start questioning her relationship with Robert Graham. These two have been sweet yet a bit awkward together, and fans wonder if Brooks' arrival will cause this cautious romance to falter.

As it happens, however, Brooks asks Jackie out on a date while she's been getting cozy with Zack. Jackie and Brooks will enjoy dinner out, and Zack will be jealous. Then, Zack gets a date card and takes Jackie out for a romantic swim. It seems that Zack will tell Jackie he's going to fight for her, so perhaps this romance has a shot? Back at the house, Christy will apparently turn her attention to Tasos Hernandez, the other new arrival. They head out on a date in episode 6 as well.

When it comes to the rose ceremony, the ladies are handing out the roses and two will head home. Will Jackie stick with Zack or give her rose to Brooks? Will Christy focus on Tasos over Jesse Kovacs? ABC teases Bachelor in Paradise spoilers that "one of the Bachelors shocks everyone and decides he no longer wants to stay in paradise." Who makes that move? Previous Reality Steve spoilers have indicated that when Jesse is confronted by Christy over his shenanigans with Lucy, he decides he's over the situation and he leaves the show.

Bachelor in Paradise spoilers from Reality Steve also indicate that Sarah gives her rose to Robert again, while Christy gives hers to Tasos over Brooks. This means that Brooks and Jesse are the two departures for episode 6. It sounds as if fans will be left hanging again, as Chris Harrison will announce that there are changes ahead. Most likely, viewers will have to wait until the final episode airing on September 8 to see just what is ahead. Reality Steve's spoilers indicate that the couples will have to decide whether to stick together and head to a fantasy suite, or go ahead and split. Some familiar faces from the franchise will show up to give some advice as well, apparently.

Episode 6 of Bachelor in Paradise airs on September 1, and there is certainly more drama ahead as the bachelors shake things up.

[Image via Fox News]