Brian Moorman Pens Touching Letter To Buffalo Bills Fans After Being Cut

Brian Moorman joined the Buffalo Bills in 2001, and over the following 13 years was arguably the team’s best player. When the Pro Bowl punter was cut this week, he found it appropriate to thank fans for their support.

Moorman was among the final cuts on the Bills roster as they trim down to the 53-player requirement. He had seen his performance decline in recent years, with his worst statistical year in 2013.

Brian Moorman was one of the top punters in the league between 2001 and 2012, making the Pro Bowl twice and signing a $10 million contract extension in 2007.

But the Bills cut Moorman for the first time in 2012, leading him to sign with the Dallas Cowboys. He returned to the Bills the next season, however.

After a difficult preseason that included a number of shanked kicks, Moorman learned this weekend that he would be cut.

Brian Moorman appeared to anticipate the cut, and shortly after the announcement released a letter to fans:

“Where did all the time go? In 2001, I came to the Buffalo Bills as a newlywed, a kid from a small college in Kansas. I had certainly heard of Buffalo and knew about all the great teams and Super Bowl runs, but if you really pressed me, I don’t think I could have found it on a map. What I learned about Buffalo goes far beyond the football field. The people of Buffalo and WNY are proud, generous, stubborn and loyal, and once they put their arms around you, you’re friends for life. My wife Amber and I have met some unbelievable people during my 12 seasons with the Buffalo Bills. We didn’t only meet great fans; we met great people. To all the staff at Children’s and Roswell: thank you. Not just from me, but from everyone you have blessed with your care, your patience and your commitment. The P.U.N.T. Foundation was created with you as our inspiration. Our goal will be to continue our mission as a proud WNY charity.

“To the patients, especially the kids: you are my heroes. Don’t stop fighting. You are some of the most courageous individuals I have ever met. To the survivors and the families of the survivors: I have only admiration for your roadmap on how to attack controversy, and your ability to be truly unselfish and wildly supportive against the longest of odds. To the families of those whom we lost: thank you for allowing my wife and me to be part of your journey. Please don’t stop sending us updates on how you are doing and where your next challenges may lie. It may be the end of a career, but it’s certainly not the end of a friendship.

“I want to sincerely thank the Wilson family. Mr. Wilson’s enthusiasm and passion for this franchise was unrivaled. He gave this kid from a small town a chance, and for that I will be forever grateful. To the coaches, players and staff who were such a big part of my success at this organization: it was truly an honor to call myself a teammate, friend and Buffalo Bill.

“Lastly, to the fans: yes, you called me ‘Chris’ (following Chris Mohr, former Bills punter), for my first two years as a Buffalo Bill, but I never minded. Nobody is supposed to know the punter. I can remember the first time I looked in the stands and saw a non-family member wearing a Moorman jersey. I was blown away. Buffalo Bills fans, you are the die-hards. You battle the elements, the heartbreaks, and the bad breaks and provide your unwavering support. When I returned in 2013, you welcomed me with the most open of arms; after my first punt last season, I fought back tears at your loud cheers. Now as a dad celebrating 15 years of marriage, with so many memories made during my career in Buffalo, today is certainly bittersweet. But I can truly tell you that wherever the road takes us, we will always consider ourselves members of the Buffalo Bills Family.

Thank you

Brian Moorman #8”

Brian Moorman has not yet said if he plans to retire from the NFL.