Mariah Carey: Divorce From Nick Cannon Real, If Moving Trucks Matter

If Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon’s divorce is the real deal, moving trucks may offer some clues.

The latest news regarding Mimi and the America’s Got Talent host further fans the flames on rumors that the end of their marriage is imminent, if you’re on divorce-watch for Mariah and Nick.

According to a Radar Online gossip report, moving trucks were seen parked outside of Mariah Carey’s NYC apartment building this week. Although the diva doesn’t own the entire dwelling, eager beavers were quick to speculate whether or not the presence of the trucks officially signaled an end to the couple’s six-year marriage.

For one, the story falls apart because it’s common knowledge that the A-listers have been living apart for a while now. Nick made that clear recently.

There’s trouble in paradise… we have been living in separate houses for a few months.”

Second, there are two things wrong with the moving truck theory: the words Budget and Rental. Since when does a diva use a leased truck to move her personal gems? Moreover, if she does employ the use of said conveyance, it is not diva-like to pinch pennies. So, don’t get it twisted.

Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey may not be ready to split, but if a divorce is filed, there’s one large matter the couple has to contend with: 3-year-old twins, Monroe and Moroccan, affectionately called “Dembabies” by their famous mom.

There has been no indication that a nasty custody battle is brewing, and by all accounts, they are wonderful parents who have kept their kids out of the limelight. However, because a $500 billion fortune is on the line — $520 billion, if you count Nick’s pocket money — things could change rapidly.

So, what is behind the Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon divorce rumors? Well, it depends on the source of the information. One possibility is cheating — on both sides, according to insiders. However, Cannon ruled that out recently in a chat with reporters.

Another has to do with Nick’s family members’ disdain for Carey’s prissy and demanding behavior, which sets a bad example to the twins. An insider shares the deets.

“Nick’s whole family urged him to leave Mariah because she made him a miserable person towards the end. They never really got close to Mariah because she made zero effort. But they were accepting of her as long as Nick was happy.”

If rumors of a split pan out, this would be Mariah Carey’s second divorce. Her first marriage was to music executive Tommy Mottola (1993-1998). It would be Cannon’s first trip across the broom.

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