Dad Runs Over Video Games Collection With Lawnmower In Order To Teach Moocher Son A Lesson [Video]

A new video making the rounds on social media shows a dad destroying his son’s video game collection by running it over with a lawnmower. But this supposed “psycho dad” is just trying to encourage his son to give up his video game addiction and get a job.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, George Soros recently bet $2.2 billion on a U.S. economic collapse, which is what would happen again if the U.S. stock market would crash. The great debate over the 2014 unemployment extension has some wondering if a jobs provisions for the long-term unemployed may be necessary.

This writer understands where the angry father is coming from, to a certain extent. For years we have helped out the unemployed and the homeless by letting them use the guest room for a set amount of time in order to recover their financial balance and get back on their feet. But the track record for this type of help varies. Honestly, only two of the people really used the help to benefit themselves while others busied themselves with endless TV and movie marathons on Netflix and Hulu, never mind the video games. So if someone strays too much into the realm of the otaku, the only way to help them was to be firm and cut off the entertainment.

The idea that video game addiction exists at all is extremely controversial in the gaming community. For most it’s probably just a lack of prioritizing and planning, but for others it could get as bad as a psychological addiction to gaming. A good friend of mine once had to go so far as to move out into a wilderness community for years in order to break this addiction. He even had to downgrade his cell phone to a basic model that couldn’t play games or apps. There’s also talk of a growing trend where Call of Duty is a marriage killer.

Do you think this father went to far in destroying his son’s video game collection with a lawnmower in order to make a point?