Airbnb Thinks Travelers Want To Sleep At IKEA: They’re Probably Right

Airbnb thinks travelers want to spend the night at IKEA. That’s why the company is making rooms at the popular international furniture retailer available for lucky guests. For locals or adventurers whose travels will take them through Sydney, Australia at the end of August, there is the opportunity to sleep in one of three rooms listed on the Airbnb website. However, that Airbnb IKEA sleepover opportunity is by invitation only, reported Yahoo!

Families who received an invitation to apply were encouraged to submit 25 words or fewer explaining why they should be permitted to participate in the IKEA sleepover. Unfortunately, the website indicates that they have already received all their bookings and will be making decisions soon regarding who will get to sleep at IKEA. Temporary boarders at IKEA will share a living room/hang-out area, eat in a shared living/dining room and sleep in a private room.

According to Airbnb’s website, weary travelers can rest their bones at a variety of unique locations, including igloos and castles. IKEA might not be quite as exotic as an igloo or a castle, but it’s still a place where most people will never get to spend the night. The IKEA sleepover will take place soon. It is scheduled for Sunday, August 31, 2014, reported Independent.

The host of the furniture retailer’s rooms is listed as IKEA Tempe. IKEA was founded in 1943, so the following description from Airbnb’s website seems to be a personification of the furniture store itself.

“Originally from Småland, a tiny town in Sweden, I have travelled the globe for 71 years meeting amazing people—and discovering how they turn a house into a home. I settled in Tempe, Sydney in 2011 and it’s these experiences that make me such a fan of Airbnb.”

“Besides Homes and Interiors, my interests include Design, Sustainability, and yes… meatballs [but only for the lingonberry jam ;)]”

“I speak Swedish and English (and 41 other languages) fluently, so any questions, just ask!”

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Airbnb got a little bad press earlier this year when they rented out a man’s swanky apartment for what turned out to be a kinky sex party for overweight lovers. A New York comic named Ari Teman had a nasty surprise waiting for him when he returned to his apartment and discovered discarded condoms, liquor bottles and plus-size strangers moving his furniture willy-nilly about his home.

When he turned to the Internet to help solve the mystery, Teman learned that his Chelsea district home had been the site of a “BBW Panty Raid,” a wild sex orgy for big beautiful women and the people who love them. Teman narrowly missed coming home while the Airbnb BBW sex romp was in full swing. It was a far cry from the out-of-towners he had been expecting to stay in his apartment while attending a family member’s wedding.

Is Airbnb right? Do travelers really want to sleep at IKEA?

[Image via IKEA]