Lindsay Lohan To Join ‘Dancing With The Stars’?

Lindsay Lohan is getting herself into a lot of business ventures, months after her self-declared recovery from her personal demons. The Freaky Friday actress was recently rumored to be in talks with publishers to have an autobiography released on the shelves very soon, with A-list writers like Fifty Shades E.L James and Harry Potter J.K. Rowling being tapped to fill in the words for her.

Another of Lohan’s rumored gigs began making its rounds online this week. Gossip sites started talking about Lindsay’s possible involvement with Dancing With The Stars, which is set to announce its newest contestants September 4. According to Hollywood Life‘s sneaky insiders, the producers are teaming up to get Lohan dancing the dance floor. What makes this more exciting is that if Lindsay agrees to join the cast, it will practically be a reunion with a Mean Girl alum, Lohan’s on-screen boyfie Jonathan Bennett.

“They are still scrambling before the weekend to sign a big name that they are in negotiations with. If it goes through, the name rhymes with ‘Zohan.'”

However, according to insiders, there is a very small chance to get Lindsay Lohan waltzing towards the DWTS stage. Despite producers pulling in their greatest efforts to have Lindsay on the show, the actress appears simply uninterested to jazz up the dance floor. However, Hollywood Life’s insiders say the show is still trying its best to grab her, in an effort to see that old Cady Heron-Aaron Samuels tandem we’ve all been missing.

There won’t be a drastic shortage of stars if Lindsay Lohan says “no” to the show. A few of the celebs that have already confirmed to appear are Betsy Johnson, Anthony Sabato Jr., Lea Thompson, Duck Dynasty’s Sadie Robinson, YouTube star Bethany Mota, athlete Lolo Jones and Pretty Little Liars actress Janel Parrish. Although none of them are as bright as Lohan’s Hollywood sparkle, most of the enlisted dance floor divas-to-be are shining in their own rights and would greatly contribute to DWTS‘ 19th season.

In other stories, Lindsay Lohan is excited about her theatrical debut as she shares a few candid moments behind the scenes of Speed-The-Plow. Lohan, who plays a secretary named Karen, admitted to Daily Mail that she was extremely nervous about her role. Lindsay says:

“I think it’s just the idea of when it starts, on opening night, that’s what makes me the most nervous. I’ll probably mess up on the first night just out of fear,’ she confessed. I’ve never done a play before. I’ve never even taken acting lessons, I’ve never done anything like that and it’s something new to me and it’s live.”

Lindsay Lohan is set to appear Inconceivable, a 2014 film where she also acts as the film’s co-producer.

[Image from my.beautiful.disaster/Flickr]