Watching People Getting Hit With A Taser In Slow Motion Is Epic

Our world is filled with so many interesting happenings which to so happen at the same speed. However, this constant speed makes things appear slow or fast thus why time-lapse videos are so popular on the internet. Here on The Inquisitr, we have reported on numerous time-lapse videos because of how entertaining they were when they were first released. This includes one of the tiny island of Malta, a time-lapse video of time-lapse videos (which is quite a trip), and a phenomenal one of our universe.

Now YouTube once again has another time lapse video, this time for slow motion. What is unique is what the video is time lapsing: the reaction people make when they get hit with a taser.

Uploaded on the YouTube channel Fstoppers Fans August 25, 2014, the video has been seen more than 3 million times with almost 5,000 in likes. An estimated 1,600 people thought this was Guantanamo Bay torture at its finest. Nevertheless, this video is on the list for the Most Popular Videos of YouTube as of the publication of this article.

The video was made by photographer Patrick Halls as he films people’s reactions as they get tased with a handheld stun gun. To be fair, these people getting tased didn’t pull winning numbers out of a lottery of perpetual torture or anything like that. They all volunteered to go through the instantaneous pain all in the name of art. Not to mention, a trusted friend, companion or loved one were the ones in charge of shocking them with a taser.

The reactions are unique too. Some of them seem to enjoy the sudden jolt of electricity pulsing through their bodies, while others have a more expected reaction of pain and anguish. Nevertheless, let’s hope these people, though they agreed to this, are getting some compensation. Let’s hope that compensation isn’t the person they trusted in tasering them… keeping the taser.

What did you think about this video? Did you find the reactions of people getting tasered interesting? Please let us know in the comments below.

[Image via Taser Photoshoot]