Liam Payne Celebrates 21st Birthday, Twitter Goes Wild

Liam Payne turned 21-years-old today (August 29). If you weren’t aware of this fact, then you obviously haven’t stopped by Twitter.

The One Direction heartthrob is no doubt extremely busy celebrating this milestone with his buddies. Should he feel the need to bask in the virtual glow of digital admiration, all he has to do is turn on his computer or smartphone and direct his attention towards Twitter. Payne fans are going nuts, and it’s kind of mesmerizing.

If you’re looking for a way to celebrate Liam’s 21st birthday at work, then the folks over at the Mirror have a few animated GIFs to gawk at. Since these animated images are silent, you can stare lovingly at Payne in all sorts of adorable situations without drawing the attention of your coworkers. Of course, chances are they’re doing the exact same thing.

Here’s a sample GIF for those fans who are on the fence.

Liam Payne Birthday

Curious to learn what Liam Payne can expect from the mystical powers that surround us during his 21st birthday? Hello Magazine was kind enough to print his horoscope for today. Hint: Liam is a Virgo, but you probably already knew that.

“Tomorrow has not been cancelled due to lack of interest. Nor have we humans had it forfeited from us by some disapproving cosmic entity. Tomorrow is on its way and, contrary to the popular misconception, it will come. Will you be ready for it? Will you embrace it with enthusiasm and accept it as the generous gift from a benign universe that it undoubtedly, actually, is? Think good thoughts about the possibilities that await you this weekend and beyond. You will yet find that your positive expectations are justified.”

Remember how we said Liam Payne fans are going crazy on Twitter? That’s not an exaggeration. Although he didn’t say anything about the volume of birthday wishes he’s received thus far, the 1D singer tweeted that he appreciates all them. So keep ’em coming, fans — see how many you can send in an hour, and then try to break that record.

How do you plan to celebrate Liam Payne’s 21st birthday?

[Lead image via Loomee-TV]