Racist Boy Dies And Sees Black Jesus In Near Death Experience, Asks KKK Leader Why God Is A ‘N-Word’

A report is alleging that a racist boy named Billy Landers experienced a near death experience where he saw Jesus Christ in Heaven. The part that was upsetting to the Ku Klux Klan was the claim that Jesus was noticeably black in his skin tone. But is this report real or just a hoax?

In a related report by The Inquisitr, it may sound like another hoax or a lie,but the the actual KKK leadership want to partner with African Americans in order to organize support for patrolling the Mexican border in order to prevent more illegal immigrants from entering. The timing of this report about the near death experience also happens to coincide with the recent release of the new comedy Black Jesus, which has Catholic groups sort of approving the portrayal of their Lord.

The story about Billy Landers claims the boy is a son of a KKK member in Mobile, Alabama. The 13-year-old Billy supposedly suffered from a liver failure and was technically dead on the operating table for three minutes before being resuscitated. Sounding almost like others stories saying Heaven is real, the boy claims he saw visions of Heaven. But when Billy allegedly told his Ku Klux Klan family the details they were flabbergasted.

“It was all [n-word],” Billy said. “There were a few white people, but they were just entertaining the blacks, like playing basketball. There were lots of [n-word] angels watching them play basketball. Jesus was a [racial slur], too. Jesus wasn’t white like Daddy says he is. I asked my father ‘Why is Jesus a [n-word]?’ He couldn’t answer. I’d been taught that God and Jesus hate [n-word]. That God cursed them by turning their skin black. That they were ‘mud people.'”

Supposedly, the KKK father was disturbed by the stories and stated that “clearly my son is suffering from some sort of schizophrenia or something” and “I’m going to have my boy put on antipsychotics medications.” This particular detail had a hip hop website called B106 opining that Jesus would realistically have darker toned skin and that modern Americans would not appreciate this fact.

“What makes this story sad and funny is that dad is going to put his son on anti-psychotics medicine. It’s not “Wow Billy you saw Jesus in heaven”? It’s let’s put him on anti-psychotic drugs because Jesus can’t be black. How do you know. Spoiler Alert: If you believe in God and all the bible. Jesus’s was born in Bethlehem.The town of Bethlehem is in the West Bank, some six miles south of Jerusalem. Here’s something to think about. If Jesus showed up here in the states. He would be killed or even worst crucified again. All because of the color of his skin.”

The original story has since gone viral through social media but understandably many question the veracity of the report. The website Stuppid.com claims that the local news channel WKRG interviewed Billy Landers for the story but does not provide an external link. WKRG does in fact cover news in the Mobile, Alabama area, but a search of their website does not find this article or any mention of Landers. At least one person has attempted to ask WKRG about the story on Facebook but there has not been an official response although some on social media claim it’s true.

It’s possible that WKRG deleted the original story on their servers due to the racially sensitive nature of the story, but it’s also possible that Stuppid.com created the story as parody news similar to the website The Onion. But the other stories aggregated by Stuppid.com do in fact refer to real events and the website itself claims they report “the craziest, stupidest stories in the world, stuff you just can’t make up.” A search of Snopes.com reveals that they have not yet investigated whether or not this report is real or fake.

What do you think about the claim that a young member of the Ku Klux Klan saw a black Jesus in Heaven during a near death experience?