Michael Cera Recalls The Prank He Pulled At The Sundance Film Festival

Michael Cera likes to play pranks, especially when he has a captive audience.

While promoting his movie Crystal Fairy & the Magical Cactus at the Sundance Film Festival, Cera decided to use the opportunity to prank those in attendance. With the help of a friend during a Q&A session, the Scott Pilgrim vs. the World star convinced a large group of people that he was deadbeat dad. Always a fun topic.

Michael discussed the prank during his recent appearance on The Late Show with David Letterman. Once the screening of wrapped up, Cera decided to take some questions from a few inquisitive film festival attendees. That’s when his scheme kicked into high gear.

“I said to him, ‘OK, raise your hand to ask a question, and if they call on you, say, ‘I have a two-part question for Michael,'” Cera told Letterman about his plan. His friend obviously had no trouble lending a helping hand with the prank.

Michael Cera’s partner in crime had a very important question for the actor.

“The first part is, ‘When is the last time you saw your son Amos?’ and the second part is, ‘If you’re so sure he’s not your son, why won’t you take the DNA test?'”

According to Yahoo! Celebrity, the prank had the expected results. People were stunned that Cera was hiding a love child from the public, and obviously were interested in getting the whole story. Instead of ruining the mystery by giving everyone too much information, Michael wisely decided to keep everyone in the dark. Well played.

“There was complete silence in the audience, like a bomb went off. And I just said, ‘You know we’re just talking about the movie right now, let’s stick to questions about the movie,'” Cera explained to a grinning Letterman.

Although David obviously found Michael’s tale more than a little amusing, he jokingly said the Arrested Development alum probably shouldn’t return to the festival anytime soon.

“I don’t want to tell the Sundance Film Festival people how to run their little festival, but you should be banned for life. You should not be allowed back.”

When he’s not pulling pranks at one of the world’s biggest film festival, Michael Cera finds the time to record music. The actor released his debut album True That via Bandcamp earlier this month, much to the amusement of his fans. According to Cera, he’s more than a little surprised that people bothered to listen to his tunes at all.

“It’s surprising to me that people are aware of it now, and are listening to it. I guess I’ll just see what that’s like [to adjust to]. I’m always trying to play music with friends. So I don’t know that I’d add anything to this or just leave that alone.”

Word to wise: Be extremely care taking Michael Cera at his word. You never know when he’s just trying to pull your leg. Beware!

[Lead image via The Huffington Post]