Matthew McConaughey: From Lincoln Lawyer to Lincoln Spokesman (Video)

Matthew McConaughey seems like the perfect choice for Lincoln’s new spokesperson. The 44-year-old actor did a smash up job in the 2011 hit The Lincoln Lawyer. His character in that role actually worked as a lawyer out of the backseat of his Lincoln town car.

Now, McConaughey has moved up to the driver’s seat and is loving it. Auto Economic Times reveals that since 1990, Lincoln has experienced a massive drop in sales — 65 percent to be exact. So executives made the decision to bring Matthew McConaughey on-board to sell their luxury models to a younger generation.

The first ad will arrive next month, debuting Lincoln’s brand new 2015 MKC sport-utility vehicle. The MKC, which is geared to attract young drivers, starts at $33,995, the lowest price among compact luxury SUVs, according to Auto Economic Times, and is already receiving great reviews.

When the folks at Lincoln first approached McConaughey, he remembers:

“Authenticity is a word that kept coming up in our initial meetings. It was clear from the start they appreciated me as an individual first and foremost, and I would be able to be myself in this collaboration.”

As reported by MSN, McConaughey, a long-time admirer of Lincoln, liked the idea of the unscripted moments in the ads.

“The campaign’s not screaming for attention,” McConaughey says, “It’s as much about the tone, the mood, the silent moments in between the words, in between the dialogue.”

Matthew McConaughey

It also didn’t hurt that McConaughey’s first Lincoln ads have been filmed in and around his hometown of Austin, Texas, by Nicholas Winding Refn, Best Director in 2011 at Cannes Film Festival for the movie Drive, according to The Independent.

McConauhey shows that blinding white smile while cruising behind the wheel of the MKC. He speaks in his soft southern voice, “Lincoln is a classic, iconic American brand… I like the history, I like that it’s American-made.”

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