Jennifer Aniston Looks Really Pregnant After Talking Baby Rumors: Did Angelina Jolie Steal Her Spotlight?

Jennifer Aniston looked really pregnant at her movie premiere, but are she and Justin Theroux really expecting?

As Racked points out, Aniston recently stepped out rocking a silver dress that made her belly look suspiciously bumpy. She appeared to be super-slim everywhere else, so it's hard to blame the bump on simple weight gain. The bump also looked a bit too big to be a food baby, so it's doubtful that Jennifer has a burrito in the oven.

Jennifer Aniston Baby Bump Photos

Jennifer Aniston wore the sexy little silver number to the Hollywood premiere of her new movie, Life of Crime. The actress has been drumming up buzz for the film by giving interviews and reuniting with her former Friends costars on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, but nothing gets buzz like a good ol' fashioned baby bump.

Jen is well aware of the tabloids' obsession with getting her knocked up, so maybe she wore a dress that sorta makes her look pregnant on purpose. However, if she was trying to do this, why would she recently deny that she's about to become a mom?

During an August 27 interview with Extra, Jennifer Aniston shut down the pregnancy reports. The same day, she also spoke about them during a TODAY interview. Aniston complained about everyone's obsession with her womb. As Jen points out, women should be seen as more than wives and mothers -- they don't have to get married and have kids to have fulfilling lives.

"I don't have this sort of checklist of things that have to be done, and... if they're not checked, then I've failed some part of my feminism or my being a woman or my worth and my value as a woman."

She also said that she doesn't think that it's fair to put pressure on people to procreate, and she doesn't understand why strangers want to see her married and pregnant so badly. She hasn't "birthed a child," but Aniston stated that she's "birthed a lot of things." Hours after the interview, Jennifer stepped out wearing the dress that's sparking the pregnancy rumors.

To complicate the pregnancy reports further, there are claims that Jennifer recently suffered a miscarriage. And now that her ex-hubby Brad Pitt has married Angelina Jolie, everyone is going to be taking an even closer look at Jennifer Aniston's personal life. Will she try to top the Brangelina wedding news with a pregnancy announcement? And were Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie trying to interfere with her movie premiere with their wedding date choice? Lainey Gossip is already getting the juicy conspiracy theories started.

"The way the light hits her mid-section, you know what the conversation was supposed to be? IS JEN PREGNANT? For the 33rd time. Waking up today, all the headlines, all the entertainment outlets, all the top stories were intended to be about Jennifer Aniston. That was the plan. Aaaaaaand…. Well. You know. Brange decided to release their statement to the Associated Press: We are married."

What do you think of the continued portrayal of Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie as mortal enemies constantly trying to one-up each other with wedding rumors, actual weddings, pregnancy rumors, and actual pregnancies?

[Image credits: Getty Images via Racked]