‘Batman V Superman’ On Set: Gotham City Police Cruisers, Clark Kent Double Spotted

Batman v Superman Clark Kent body double on set.

Several bits of Batman v Superman on set info have surfaced Thursday. First off, we have seen photos of GCPD (Gotham City Police Department) cruisers parked around Detroit, where the production has been based the last few months. Secondly, Clark Kent’s body double was also seen walking around the set.

Things are taking shape in Zack Snyder’s big blockbuster, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, the sequel to the Superman reboot Man of Steel, played by British actor Henry Cavill. We have been following all the latest news provided by several fans who are able to take photos of the action in the Motor City and we thank them.

The latest photos come courtesy of Comic Book and show several cruisers with the GCPD logo

Batman v Superman Gotham City PD

Clearly these photos indicate that the GCPD has a part in the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice plotline. How much, we won’t know until we see the sequel in March of 2016, but it’s definitely cool to see.

In related news, Batman News reports the Detroit Police Station is Gotham City Jail in the superhero mash-up. This brings up the question: Will Commissioner Gordon make an appearance in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice? We have not heard any casting news regarding the possibility thus far, but here are some cool photos shared by the website.

Batman v Superman Gotham City Jail.
Batman v Superman Gotham City jail pics.
Batman v Superman Gotham City jail entrance
Batman v Superman Gotham City door

Our friend, the Banana Doctor (@bananadoc) — who seems to have excellent access to the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice set — strikes again and also spotted Clark Kent’s body double, as well as director Zack Snyder himself filming a scene in the streets of Detroit. Check out all the goodies he posted to Twitter:

This is the guy to follow for all the latest Batman v Superman set photos and we will keep sharing all the information here at The Inquisitr in case you are not on Twitter.

[Image courtesy of The Bananadoc]