Pharrell Williams Sued For $1 Million By ‘Artst Tlk’ Producer

Pharrell Williams probably isn’t feeling too “Happy” right about now. The singer was recently named in a lawsuit by the producer of a YouTube show.

Whenever someone enjoys a bit of success, there’s always someone lurking around whose sole purpose is to pull them down a few notches. For Williams, this person is none other than the producer of the YouTube show Artst Tlk. Apparently the guy feels Pharrell bailed on him to join the NBC signing competition The Voice.

Since Pharrell Williams had to sign an exclusivity deal to officially join the aforementioned television program, he had to say goodbye to a few other projects he had in the works. This reportedly included Artst Tlk, a decision that didn’t sit too well with the show’s producer. As a result, he wants $1 million from Williams.

TMZ explains that the first season of Artst Tlk was a pretty big deal. The show, which reportedly generated upwards of 1.7 million views, featured interviews with Spike Lee, Usher, and Tony Hawk. Since he poured $1 million into the show before Pharrell Williams backed out, the producer now wants the singer to fork over some cash for his troubles.

Not surprisingly, Pharrell’s representatives aren’t happy about the situation.

“This is complete nonsense. It’s unfortunate when you try to help a friend and they wind up trying to take advantage of you.”

Although one of Williams’ reps reached out to TMZ for comment, Pharrell has remained tight-lipped about the situation as of this writing. Since the lawsuit is pending, chances are he won’t discuss the matter publicly until everyone wraps up, legally speaking. Even then, he may decide to sweep this matter under the proverbial rug altogether.

This sort of problem is sometimes enough to bring a person down, but Williams simply has too much going for him right now to dwell on the negatives. Not only is the guy preparing for the upcoming season of The Voice, Ahlan! explains that Williams is launching a fragrance line for men and women. The product drops on August 28.


The website describes Girl — the scent, not the album — as follows.

“Now, we may not be able to rock a mountie hat quite as well as he does, but according to the songster anyone can rock his new line, which on the contrary to its feminine name is apparently a unisex-scent with dominant essence of wood notes, complimented by lavender, iris, white pepper and neroli pepper. Well, that smells interesting!”

If Pharrell Williams is ultimately forced to cough up $1 million to the angry Artst Tlk producer, at least everyone will smell good when it goes down.

[Lead image via mxdwn]