Kim Zolciak Is Not Impressed With Husband Kroy Biermann’s Plans

Kim Zolciak from Don’t Be Tardy has been sharing her life with the Bravo cameras since leaving The Real Housewives of Atlanta behind. She has been focusing on her family, her children, and her husband, Kroy Biermann. Since meeting Biermann, Kim has given birth to four children, including a pair of twins.

But Zolciak’s life with Kroy isn’t always as glamorous as she may have expected when they got married. Kroy is an active person, who works out due to his work as a professional football player, and loves spending time outdoors since he is originally from Montana. So, when he came up with the idea that he and Kim should go camping, Zolciak wasn’t impressed.

According to a new Bravo report, Kim Zolciak is now revealing that she wasn’t really up for camping on this week’s episode of Don’t Be Tardy. Kim immediately started thinking about the bugs and sleeping outside. Even though Kim Zolciak wasn’t impressed with his plans, she sucked it up and went with him.

“I knew how excited my hubby was about camping, and I knew he would make sure we had EVERYTHING we could ever need, sooo I decided if my hubby loves it, I’m going to try and love it too! As you know, my hubby is always supportive of everything I want to do and he rarely asks for much, so camping it is,” Kim reveals.

Since giving birth to her twins, Kim and her husband have been doing family-friendly vacations. Earlier this season, they went to Florida to spend time in a rented beach house with a private beach. And it is no wonder that Zolciak may need a break sometime.

Kim Zolciak has been working on her first book, Call Me a Gold Digger, You Just Want What I Have. This may ring a bell, as this was Zolciak’s tagline during her first few seasons of The Real Housewives of Atlanta.


“It’s been sitting on my lawyer’s desk for two years. I just haven’t had time to finish it,” Kim has revealed of her book, adding, “I’m finishing it now and it’ll be out in October.”

According to The Inquisitr, Kim Zolciak has been raising her six children while filming Don’t Be Tardy. Now that her oldest daughter Brielle is a senior in high school, she is dealing with the possibility of drugs, alcohol and sex. But Zolciak seems to trust her daughter, as they are very close.

What do you think of Kim Zolciak supporting her husband in the camping trip, even though she wasn’t impressed one bit?

[Image via Ryan Seacrest]