WWE News: Vince McMahon And Triple H Finally Agree On WrestleMania 31 Plans

When it comes to the WWE, one man has always had the final say, his name is Vince McMahon. Known as one of the best promoters of any kind in history, McMahon bought the WWWF from his father Vince McMahon, Sr. decades ago. He re-branded the promotion into the WWF and pushed away the territory ideology and became a worldwide phenomenon within ten years of doing so. In the 2000s, due to an issue with the World Widelife Fund, the company’s name was changed to WWE to not compete abbreviation wise.

WrestleMania was what started it all for McMahon, as everything fell right into place at just the right time. If anything went bad, we may have never seen the WWE we know today. It should come as no surprise that a man who built his company into something amazing would not want to see it die. In fact, it’s expected. Sometimes that desire to continue the success of his company, McMahon would micromanage or be anal about a lot of things.

Specifically, McMahon is classic for changing up WWE storylines or dropping creative plans for WWE Superstars. Some WWE Superstars or Divas get tired of this and bring the problems up with McMahon, which can be a good or bad decision long-term. Ask CM Punk.

Brock Lesnar John Cena

Due to being anal about his product, Vince wants to be sure things are done well from now into the future. When Triple H retired from full-time work, Vince made him an executive in the company. Both he and Stephanie McMahon have been given more and more responsibility as time has gone on. Triple H now is the head of talent relations and is a big part of the creative team. As a result, he is responsible for thinking in other ways about the WWE where Vince thinks in another.

WrestleMania 31 was set to be big for WWE’s future as it would be the time WWE started to push some of their younger talent to the moon. The road to it was going to have major pushes too, which would allow for several younger guys to get over. The idea originally was to continue pushing both Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins as well as the Wyatt Family leading into the event. All would be in big matches. However, no one was going to be given more than Roman Reigns.

The concept Triple H was pushing to McMahon was to have Reigns take on Brock Lesnar for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at the event. Lesnar would go on a streak of sorts, beating everyone. The plan has already gone underway by having him take out John Cena like he did at SummerSlam, WWE’s second biggest event of the year.

Reigns would go into WrestleMania, beat Lesnar and come off looking really good and this would be the start of his big face run in WWE. Of course, that would make sense and a lot of fans would be behind the push of many younger, talented guys.

Rock Reigns


However, because Vince thinks in the now and not long term, there was a rumor he wanted Brock Lesnar vs The Rock at WrestleMania. Triple H is thinking more long-term, so the two sides disagree in this area, causing friction. Brock/Rock would be the big draw at Mania while the rest of the event was full of other talent. The World Title was not set to be in Lesnar’s possession at this time, which meant that Rock vs Brock would have simply be like John Cena vs The Rock the first time around.

The last time Lesnar and Rock fought was a decade ago when Lesnar beat him for the WWE Undisputed Championship. So it would be interesting to see them go at it again. This match was supposed to take place at WrestleMania 30, but injuries and schedule prevented The Rock from having a match at the event. He still appeared however, which was cool to see.

Rock has stated that he wants to face his cousin Roman, so WWE could build an event where the two went at it potentially at WrestleMania 32. However, Brock vs Rock may never happen if it does not happen at WrestleMania 31. Vince knowing this wanted for it to happen.

Now however, Vince seems to be sold on the idea of pushing Reigns at the event, which many fans are happy to see. Not because it is Reigns, but because it would change the guard in WWE from a John Cena filled main event scene to a multi-plex of numerous new main event talent, but one main new guy in Reigns. At least both Vince and Triple H finally agree on what will go down at Mania. Now, at least we will have WWE programming that makes sense leading into the event. When WWE has uncertainty, a lot of the storylines get messed up and things can be weird to see. That shouldn’t happen if the two sides stay in agreement.

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