Ice Bucket Challenge: 2-Year-Old Scottish Girl Has Surprising Reaction — Cover Your Ears!

If you’re not sick of ice bucket challenge videos already, well, maybe you should be. We wouldn’t blame you. But stick with us, because this one is like no ice bucket challenge video you’ve ever seen.

Here at The Inquisitr we’ve done out best to cover the full range of ice bucket challenge videos, from Matt Damon dumping toilet water on his head to pro wrestling legend The Undertaker dousing himself in “deathly” cold water to all of the best challenges gone wrong for ordinary people.

But here’s a video of a 2-year-old girl — yes, a 2-year-old girl — who we believe is from Scotland, taking the ice bucket challenge which, if you can understand her accent-combined-with-baby-talk, she describes as the “water challenge.” Which makes sense because at least her parents were wise enough to take the ice out of the bucket and just go with H2O.

But it’s what this cute little girl does, or more precisely, says after taking the challenge that makes this video really surprising.

We don’t know what they teach their kids up there in Scotland, but this cute little lass uses language much more suited to an adult. If you’re easily offended, don’t watch — or at least cover your ears. Otherwise, we have to say, this ice bucket challenge is pretty funny.