Victoria Gotti Claims Teresa Aprea’s Husband Rino Slept With His Mother-In-Law

There seems to be no end to the drama when it comes to the personal lives’ of the stars of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, but then again, isn’t that the whole point?

And, the drama very much continues as in last Sunday’s RHONJ Gotti dropped a massive bombshell claiming that Teresa Apreas’s husband had an affair with none other than her own mother Santa, Rino’s mother-in-law, and that was seemingly too much for Teresa to take, understandably. reported that Victoria chose an opportune time to drop the gossip bomb, over cocktails with Teresa Giudice and Amber Marchese, recalling that she had chatted with Rino at a restaurant in Brooklyn a while back after he and Aprea were divorced.

Even though they got remarried seven years after divorcing it seems Teresa never really forgave Rino for that one, according to Gotti, and why should she?

Gotti told the two woman about the affair: “He started talking about his divorce. He said, ‘it’s who I cheated with,'” Gotti said. “He just looked at me and he said, ‘Her mother.'”

Teresa Aprea’s response to Victoria Gotti was swift as she took to Instagram, with a picture and the caption: “Ignore those people who are constantly talking about you behind your back because they are right where they belong,”

Aprea also took the liberty of retweeting other fan’s responses, the ones she liked of course. One read: “Rino slept with Teresa’s mom and they moved past that and got remarried? And her parents got over it too? I’m calling B.S. #RHONJ.”

While another chimed in with, “Could it be more obvious Victoria is irrelevant and waited four cameras? Real classy! What did your mom say?”

An inside source close to Aprea also told Us magazine after the comments were made by Victoria Gotti: “It’s 100% not true. Their mom is just so disgusted.”

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