Teresa Giudice Is ‘Confident’ She’s Not Going To Jail Next Month

Teresa Giudice is confident that she won’t be going to jail next month. According to Radar Online, the mother of four feels really good about her September sentencing, and she doesn’t think that a judge will send her to prison because she has four kids. As expected, Teresa is likely going to play the “I didn’t know what I was signing” card, and say that she just trusted her husband and signed whatever he needed her to without really reading anything or asking questions.

“Teresa has been telling friends she doesn’t think there is any way the judge will send her to prison because she is a mother of four girls. Teresa is planning on saying she just went along with whatever her husband Joe gave her to sign, and never paid attention to the details.”

Teresa Giudice has been spending her summer at the shore with her husband, Joe, and their kids. She really has been taking advantage of every minute, putting a smile on her face, and just being the best mom that she can be given the circumstances.

“Lawyers for the couple will ask for leniency and probation for both, with no jail time. Teresa is very positive that the United States Justice Department won’t recommend that she go to jail either. She is very eager to review what prosecutors are asking for. Of course, the judge will have the final say.”

While many people feel that Teresa should serve time behind bars to pay for the crimes that she has committed, others hope that she learns a lesson, but that she is able to stay with her kids. While she deserves to be punished for breaking the law, her kids don’t deserve to grow up without their mom.


According to The Inquisitr, Teresa Giudice’s time on The Real Housewives Of New Jersey might be coming to an end. While much of her future (including her career) hinges on her Sept. 23 court date. There is a chance that Teresa won’t be asked to return to the show if she doesn’t go to jail, and obviously she won’t be able to film if she’s actually in jail… so the future of the show is really in question at this point (which really should be the least of Teresa’s problems, but it is a huge source of income for her and Joe).

In other Teresa news, the reality star recently completed the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and posted the video to her Instagram account. You can see it here.

[Photo courtesy of Teresa Giudice / Instagram]