Watch Weird Al Nail It At The Emmys

In an Emmy Awards telecast that has been described as “boring” by more than one review, including Slate‘s, the highlight of the show – and let’s face it, he’s the highlight of any show – was Weird Al.

Before Weird Al took the stage, host Seth Meyers and his pal Andy Samberg bemoaned the lack of expository theme songs on TV today. Remember how, back in the day, TV shows’ theme songs told you exactly what to expect from the show? Like how the Gilligan’s Island theme explained to the audience just how seven people wound up on an island, or The Brady Bunch theme song explained how a man with three sons and a woman with three daughters all wound up in one big family? Very few TV shows today have theme songs with words. In those that do, very few actually say anything directly about the show; for example, The Big Bang Theory’s theme song is all about science and history, and not about a bunch of scientists and their friends.

So leave it to Weird Al to remedy that.

First, Weird Al spoofs Mad Men, mentioning that John Hamm has never won an Emmy. Next is a jazzy nod to Scandal, a Homeland homage that mention’s Mandy Patinkin’s role on Princess Bride (“Inigo Montoya grew a beard.”), followed by Weird Al’s ode to Modern Family (“Couple of gay guys! That’s why it’s modern…. family!”).


But the highlight of Weird Al’s bit – and the part that’s gotten everyone talking – was his parody of the Game of Thrones theme song. He touches on just about everything in the show that endears, and frustrates, its fans, including nudity (“To be fair there’s way more boobs”), the myriad of settings (“Hope you paid attention to the map”), and the author’s penchant for killing characters (“Don’t get to attached to a certain guy”). Most importantly, though, Weird Al implores author George R.R. Martin to finish the series (“Type George, type as fast as you can!”), referencing the fact that the notoriously slow writer – the first book in the series came out in 1996! – still has two books to finish to complete the series, despite the fact that he’s not a young man anymore (he’s 65), and the HBO series is likely to catch up with him before he finishes his books.

This has been the Year of Weird Al. His latest album, Mandatory Fun, is the first comedy album since the 1960’s to reach No. 1 (see this Inquisitr article). Hopefully, the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame will finally get around to inducting him.

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Image courtesy of: Variety