August 26, 2014
Cristiano Ronaldo Injury Concerns Remain Despite Real Madrid's Victory Over Córdoba

Cristiano Ronaldo scored late in Real Madrid's La Liga opening match against Córdoba, propelling his team to a 2-0 victory. However, concerns about his injury and overall fitness remain.

Even though Los Blancos came up on top, the result wasn't as one sided as it appeared and showed a team that is still coming to grips with its new, very expensive additions. Cristiano and his supporting cast led by Karim Benzema (who scored the other goal last night), Gareth Bale, and newbies James Rodriguez and Toni Kroos dominated during the first half but slowed down in the latter part of the match.

We're not saying Ronaldo didn't have an impact, as he was denied several times by the much weaker team (on paper). One of his goals didn't count as he was called offside. But observers are still concerned that the Portuguese superstar is not 100 percent, even as the player himself and manager Carlo Ancelotti downplay his nagging knee injury.

Prior to the Córdoba match, Ancelotti assured fans that Cristiano Ronaldo was in prime condition to be included in Real Madrid's lineup:

"Ronaldo trained well and he's available for the match against Cordoba. He has no problems. His preseason was not very regular because he needed individual work to resolve his niggles. Last season, he had tendinitis, and he needed individual exercises to sort it out."

"We will have to make full use of next week to do training and specific work to improve his condition. It will be good for him."

Cristiano Ronaldo has been affected by tendinitis, which can take a long time to go away. Some are suggesting the 29-year-old star could see the beginning of a decline this year, but that could be wishful thinking on the part of those who are ready to see a precipitous fall for the best player in the world.

Everyone knows Ronaldo takes great pride and works extremely hard for his physical fitness, and he seems to be suggesting that everything is fine. During the first leg of the Super Cup of Spain, Ronaldo was seen leaving the field, once again raising concerns about his old injury. Prior to the 2014 World Cup, the Portuguese star was diagnosed with tendinitis to the knee.

No doubt that all eyes will be on how well Cristiano Ronaldo looks on the field during this new La Liga season, but for now, Los Blancos are enjoying their victory over Córdoba. The race has begun and Real finds itself in third place, following Barcelona's 3-0 victory against Elche. Atlético Madrid tied in their debut against Rayo and are currently in 12th place.

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