Ice Bucket Challenge Gaza Style: Brave Palestinians Take The Rubble Bucket Challenge

You are probably quite familiar with the ice bucket challenge, currently sweeping the internet virally, as famous people from Bill Gates to David Beckham get wet on camera to raise funds for the ALS Association.

But in a new twist to the ice bucket challenge, we present you the “rubble bucket challenge” Gaza style.

Some residents of Gaza, who lost their homes during the current war between Hamas and Israel decided to take direct action, by pouring buckets of probably not ice-cold rubble on their heads to get their message out to the world that they want the war to stop.

The rubble, of course, comes from the various structures in the Gaza Strip, which have been targeted in Israeli retaliatory airstrikes following more than 4,000 short and long-range rockets sent from the terrorists of Gaza into Israel.

The first Palestinian to post his version of the rubble bucket challenge on social media was, Ayman al Aloul. He said about the reasons he decided to do the challenge: “I have to do something and to send a message all over the world about Gaza.”

Aloul noted that due to the war situation in Gaza, water is not something to be wasted and pouring a bucket over one’s head just doesn’t seem right. But there’s plenty of rubble around, thanks to the Israeli response to Hamas rocket and mortar fire.

Aloul noted: ‘The use of water is more important than to empty over our heads. And even if the water is available it is difficult to freeze it.”

We’re not so sure that the all-new rubble bucket challenge will take off in America. It’s a bit messy and anyway, it isn’t so easy to find rubble these days. Nevertheless, by Monday morning Aloul had received 2,000 likes on his post of the video.


The intrepid reporter said that his intentions were not to get material aid from people, but rather to show the world the terrible suffering imposed on the Palestinian people by the iron fist treatment of Hamas and the death and destruction which has been caused by Israel as a result of Hamas rockets.

Aloul said: “It is not for specific people but for all people who sympathize with the Palestinian people. We do not have water, but this is what we have. Perhaps I will not find water to wash up with when I get home.”

Here is a video clip of the all-new rubble bucket challenge for your viewing pleasure.