October 20, 2016
WWE: Roddy Piper Vs. Vince McMahon? Hall Of Fame Wrestler Insults Ric Flair, TNA, And The Boss

Roddy Piper has been on a roll recently, both insulting and challenging WWE boss Vince McMahon in addition to take jabs at Ric Flair, TNA, and even Hulk Hogan.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, Hulk Hogan admits his TNA matches were "embarrassing", but the old-timer still wants a match at WrestleMania 31. Ric Flair did the ice bucket challenge as only the Nature Boy can do, and of course when the Undertaker was dunked on video everything was very dark.

At one point, Roddy Piper wanted to face Hulk Hogan in the ring at WrestleMania 30 in order to end their feud once and for all. Piper even said that when he saw Hogan for the first time in years he joked he was the reason Hulk has no hair. But the WWE management shot the idea down and instead went with having WWE legends like Hogan, The Rock, and Stone Cold Steve Austin make verbal jabs in the ring. Of course, it's possible that Hogan's back injuries may have not been good enough for WM 30 in the first place, but Piper and Hogan sort of finished the feud with a backstage skit.

In general, even though Roddy Piper has been making WWE appearances, he keeps making it clear that he has problems with people in the company. According to The Wrestling Observer, when Piper did a small show in Ireland, they joked about how there were more people there than a TNA match. This led the crowd to chant "f*** you TNA" and Piper did not stop there. He called Ric Flair an "a**hole" who can't keep his clothes on and who "can't keep his d**k in his pants." Of course, Piper softened the blow by adding that he "loves" Flair but chooses not to hang out with the other old time wrestler.

But Piper did not hold back on Vince McMahon, who he claims is holding a grudge against him for an incident where Vince insulted him and Piper lashed out verbally. The WWE Hall Of Famer told Mr. McMahon to his face that he was a failed concert promoter, a failed bodybuilding promoter, and a failed football promoter, and the only reason the WWE has succeeded is because Vince's father handed it to him.

Earlier in the year, Roddy Piper also criticized how the WWE was being managed:

"I think the playing field needs to get more leveled. There's too much of one thought track in the business. The reason I was so successful is because I worked with a whole lot of old timers – Mad Dog, Jacques Rougeau, Jos Leduc, Gino Brito, Dino Bravo. They took care of me and they taught me. Now they're not doing that; they're just stamping out bodies with interchangeable heads. They're not giving people the chance to come out of their shell and be who they are."

Piper also claimed if he ever did come out of retirement he would do it for only two reasons:

"I guess if it's against Vince McMahon or Vince Russo I would wrestle again, those would be for free."

This bad blood with Russo goes back to a time when Piper did a promo in the TNA ring and accused of Russo of killing Owen Hart and destroying the WCW.

What do you think about Roddy Piper's comments about Vince McMahon and Ric Flair? Would you pay to see Vince and Piper slug it out in the ring?