Mark Sanchez Rumors: Quarterback Would Reportedly Rather Be Backup In Philadelphia Than Start In St. Louis

Mark Sanchez is quite happy where he is, with rumors indicating that he would rather stay the No. 2 quarterback in Philadelphia than try for a starting job in St. Louis.

The Rams were just rocked by the season-ending injury to Sam Bradford, an ACL tear that could very well end the oft-injured Bradford’s career in St. Louis. Now desperate for a starting quarterback as the season approaches, many believed the Rams would turn to Mark Sanchez, who was a starter just two seasons ago.

But reports said the Rams were not interested in Sanchez, which could have something to do with the former New York Jets starter’s ticket price. Sources said the Eagles were content with Sanchez on the bench and would have asked a very high price in return.

That goes well with reports that Sanchez doesn’t want to be traded.

“I’m an Eagle. I love being an Eagle,” Sanchez said on Monday. On whether he thinks a trade is realistic, Sanchez added, “I seriously doubt it’s happening.”


Eagles offensive offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur said he understood the appeal Mark Sanchez held.

“Sure, I think everybody should be interested in Mark. I think he’s done a good job and played well for us and he’s won a lot of football games in the league. I’ve said it before, but he was sitting in the locker room at halftime of two AFC Championship Games, ahead. So we are very glad we have him. I think he’s added a lot to this team as a football player and as a professional, and you know, we’re ‑‑ sure, a lot of people should want him. But we have him, so that’s the reality.”

But the reality for Mark Sanchez is that he will likely not see the field. Barring an injury to Eagles starter Nick Foles, he will remain solidly in the No. 2 position.