‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Spoilers: A Woman In The Woods, Drama Exposed In Episode 4

Crazy things are ahead Monday night on episode 4 of Bachelor in Paradise. Three new guys will arrive in the house and there will be plenty of dates held, but fans already have a sense that the drama ahead comes outside of those show staples. Fans want Bachelor in Paradise spoilers, and Reality Steve added a much-needed tidbit via Twitter on Monday.

Throughout the season, fans have been tantalized with previews showing an ambulance, and it looks like that comes into play this week. In addition, Bachelor in Paradise spoiler previews have shown that a woman ends up running through the woods, and it turns out that this is tied to the ambulance. It’s known that AshLee Frazier and Clare Crawley end up in a big confrontation, but how does it all tie together? New previews and Twitter teasers flush out the details.

According to Reality Steve’s spoilers, the woman running through the woods isn’t AshLee or Clare, as some Bachelor in Paradise spoiler previews would lead fans to believe. Rather, it’s Lacy Faddoul. Apparently Lacy gets sick this week, and she runs into the woods to get away from the cameras, as she is throwing up and apparently doesn’t want it on film. It seems the ambulance is also for Lacy. Whether it’s food poisoning, a flu bug, dehydration, or something else similar, Faddoul ends up taken to the hospital, but ultimately she is fine.

Previous Bachelor in Paradise spoilers have revealed that AshLee Frazier and Clare Crawley get into a massive confrontation after Frazier is caught talking with Zack and being quite critical of Clare. As it turns out, not everybody in the house learns of the fight. Michelle Money is aware of it, however, and she wants to make sure that her good friend and AshLee’s current romantic interest, Graham Bunn, is aware of it too. Zap2It shared the Bachelor in Paradise spoiler preview showing Michelle pull Graham aside seemingly prior to the rose ceremony to make sure he knows just what happened between AshLee and Clare.

From the looks of things, some of this drama may begin in episode 4, airing Monday night, but carry into episode 5, which airs on Tuesday. There’s been plenty of drama already this season, but these next two episodes may be far more wild than anything else that’s happened this season. Tune in to Bachelor in Paradise airing on August 25 and 26 to see which relationships will survive all of this chaos and drama.

[Image via Reality Tea]