‘RHONJ’ Star Nicole Napolitano Doesn’t Deny Sister’s Husband’s Affair With Mother

The Real Housewives of New Jersey star Nicole Napolitano may share everything with her twin sister, Teresa Aprea, but a big rumor was revealed on last night’s episode of the show that she may not have been told about. On the episode, Victoria Gotti reappeared. Gotti and Teresa Giudice met on the Celebrity Apprentice and have been friends ever since.

But Gotti has also known Teresa Aprea’s husband, Angelo “Rino” Aprea, for a while. She revealed that Rino had told her that he slept with his wife’s mother, who remains nameless at this point. And when this news aired last night, one can imagine that Nicole and Teresa were furious. During their discussion, Teresa and Amber thought that Rino had slept with Nicole Napolitano.

According to a new Bravo report, The Real Housewives of New Jersey star Nicole Napolitano isn’t about to be quiet after learning of her brother-in-law’s supposed actions. Nicole spoke out about the news in her Bravo blog, but shockingly, she didn’t deny it happening. Instead, Napolitano went on the attack, calling out Gotti’s aging looks.

“When it comes to that hideous conversation that took place with Teresa Giudice, Amber, and that blonde (who really must cut those hair extensions, because she looks like Grandma Strega from a bad porn movie)… In Italian households you can talk about many people and things, but a mother? That’s one thing that’s off limits. All I have to say is Karma’s a b*tch!” Napolitano revealed.

Of course, it may not be in Nicole Napolitano’s place to talk about her sister’s husband’s supposed affair with their mother. Her sister, Teresa, is strong and can speak for herself. Plus, Nicole has her own issues to address on the show. Napolitano recently accepted Amber Marchese’s apology for acting out on the show, something that was covered in the media.

In addition, she has been dealing with some other drama. According to The Inquisitr, Amber and Melissa Gorga have been working out their issues, which could influence the other ladies, including The Real Housewives of New Jersey star Nicole Napolitano, if they start taking sides in the argument.

At present time, the women seem to be very supportive of one another, especially of Teresa Giudice, who is dealing with her legal issues. On the upcoming episode of the show, Giudice and her husband will plead guilty. Amber’s husband is the only one who doesn’t seem to support the family, because he works with the prosecution’s office in the mortgage fraud case.

Are you surprised that Nicole Napolitano is speaking out on her sister’s behalf? Why do you think she didn’t deny it happening?

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