‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’ Characters Unleashed At Walt Disney World (Video)

Saturday night was the huge premiere of the special one-night-only “Disney’s Villains Unleashed Party.” The Hollywood Studios party could not have been complete without the Guardians of the Galaxy favorites, Star-Lord and Gamora.

According to Inside The Magic, if you were lucky enough to be there, you experienced the first appearance of a Marvel character at a Disney World Theme Park ever. How cool would that be?

For Disney fanatics, this is a big deal. Why? Because there was a time when Marvel characters had to stay out of any park east of the Mississippi — with the exception of Universal Orlando’s Islands of Adventure. Behind The Thrills reports that there was a contract ensuring this until Disney bought the rights to Marvel.

Guardians of the Galaxy by @PunyParker

“Universal still has exclusive theme park rights to use a certain set of characters, not only in meet-and-greets but also attractions,” as reported by Inside The Magic.

Thank goodness that was in a prior contract before Disney bought Marvel so that thrill-seekers can still experience The Hulk and The Amazing Spider-Man rides at Universal Orlando’s Theme Parks.

But, Guardians of the Galaxy are exclusively Disney’s characters, and are loved by many. Star-Lord and Gamora hosted the Awesome Mix Tape Dance Party.


Guardians of the Galaxy 1

While other Disney visitors were lined up for a minimum of three hours to see the likes of Maleficent and Constantine from Muppets Most Wanted, the fans of Guardians of the Galaxy were able to walk up and mingle with Star-Lord and Gamora and snap plenty of fun pictures.

Guardians of the Galaxy

[Photo Credit: @PunyParker on Twitter and InsideTheMagic.com]