iPhone Burns Hole In Woman’s Breast: 5-Inch Burn Scars Woman’s Breast While Recharging iPhone

A woman’s iPhone burned a hole in her breast while she slept with the device recharging. Dionne Baxter now has a horrible scar on her left breast from the incident, the Daily Mail reports.

The 24-year-old British mother wanted the phone near her so she could easily answer it in case anyone called. She interviewed with The Sun and explained the extent of her injury.

“I sleep in the nude and this large red mark was all down one side to the nipple,” Baxter explains.

The iPhone was too hot for her to touch.

“When I touched the phone, it was so hot, I couldn’t pick it up,” Baxter goes on to say.

Her wounds from the iPhone that burned her breast became infected. Baxter worries that if she does have a second baby, she won’t be able to breastfeed. She’s glad her daughter wasn’t hurt in the incident, however.

Dionne Baxter shares:

“It’s dreadful. Imagine if my daughter had been on that side of the bed and it had burned her face.”

Burn expert Paul Banwell tells The Sun this about Baxter’s badly burned breast:

“Unfortunately she is likely to have permanent scarring.”

The report shares that Jake Parker, 18, found a painful burn on his arm from an iPhone 5 after falling asleep two weeks ago. His arm was laying over the device.

As The Inquisitr reported, a teenager died after her iPhone electrocuted her.

Apple issued this statement after the Chinese woman was killed:

“We are deeply saddened to learn of this tragic incident and offer our condolences to the Ma family. We will fully investigate and cooperate with authorities in this matter.”


So far the iPhone maker hasn’t commented on Dionne Baxter’s accident.

Some of the images of Dionne Baxter’s wounds are very graphic and can be seen here.

A burn streak can be seen as Baxter described. It doesn’t appear to be something that will go away completely. It might fade over time, but it’s not the kind of thing any woman wants on her chest for various reasons.

iPhone incidents have been getting some bad press about burning. One young woman had an iPhone that burned her pillow when she had fallen asleep.

Electronic devices get overheated easily when used and recharging them can make them extremely hot as well. They shouldn’t pose dangers, but a number of factors involving electrical outlets, types of charging devices used, and other unknown problems can play a role in these tragic events.

[Photo Credit: Nick Obank via Daily Mail]