Jennifer Lopez Gown: Casper Smart’s Suit Matched Lopez’s VMAs Gown… Are They Back On? [Photos]

Jennifer Lopez wore a stunning gown to Sunday night’s MTV Video Music Awards, and whether she meant to or not, she matched her ex-boyfriend’s suit. JLo and Casper Smart were both in attendance at the awards show, but they didn’t arrive together. Not only that, but they didn’t sit together, nor did they leave together. The two also attended the same after party, but didn’t arrive or leave together at that venue either… so what’s going on?

According to AOL, Jennifer and Casper are still in touch, and they could get back together.

“She never was really over [Casper], she was just very mad at him [after allegedly cheating on her]. Her kids [twins Emme and Max, 6] still love him and talk about him all the time and she doesn’t want to start anything new with anyone; she wants things to be familiar and what they once were. They are working out their differences to hopefully rekindle their romance or to at least work together again.”

While Jennifer Lopez’s daring gown made headlines left and right (could she be any more perfect?!), other people noticed Casper Smart’s attendance, and wondered if he and his ex were “together” without showing it. According to E! News, Lopez made sure that she looked fantastic, wearing a glittering silver dress with cutouts and a leg slit. Smart was wearing a blue suit that looked really great with JLo’s dress. Sure, her dress was pretty neutral… but the blue in Casper’s suit really brought out different colors in Jennifer’s dress, don’t you think? Perhaps a stylist had a little something to do with that. According to Us Weekly, JLo and Beau were photographed sharing some candy during the show. Apparently he was sitting in front of her — they wouldn’t want anyone to think anything, now would they?

A source revealed that Lopez and Smart were “hanging out” during the show’s commercials (via Hollywood Life).


“They hung out during commercials and they were very OK to be around each other. All things seemed pretty good with them.”

Just last week Jennifer Lopez told Chelsea Handler that she was single. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, JLo made headlines for saying that she wasn’t the type to “whore around.” She’s definitely not whoring around if she’s back with her boy toy.

If Jennifer Lopez’s gown didn’t reel Casper Smart back in, what would?

[Photo courtesy of JLo / Instagram]