John Stamos Shirtless Selfie: 51-Year-Old Has Incredible Abs… Have Mercy!

John Stamos posted a shirtless selfie on Sunday, and there are few words that can encompass the feelings of thousands of women who have seen the photo. At 51-years-old, the actor has still got it. Stamos took to Instagram to share the snap, which was easily one of his most popular pics to date. While you might not think a man over age 50 has something for you… think again. Stamos’ body is spot on, and he looks better now than he did on Full House — as if that’s even possible!

According to, Stamos’ latest film My Man Is A Loser had him playing the role of a womanizer who tries to teach his buddies how to treat women. Surely Stamos is an expert in that department, since he treated all women right with his latest selfie!

John Stamos has spent much of his summer working, but that doesn’t mean that he has not been having fun. He has been appearing with The Beach Boys on tour at a few venues, and he has inked a deal to appear as a singing knight on ABC’s Galavant. According to The Inquisitr, executive producer Dan Fogelman is thrilled to have Stamos on the show.

“We are absolutely thrilled that John Stamos is joining us on the series as Galavant’s longtime rival — a dashing knight who squares off against him once more in a local joust. We’ve wanted John to do an arc on this show since inception.”

Stamos has already started filming, and he even shared a couple of photos from the set — and of course he looks fantastic as a knight. If these pics don’t get you to tune in, what will?!

John Stamos really couldn’t be any hotter — and don’t think that people didn’t notice. The comments left on his shirtless selfie photo ranged from emoticons with “heart eyes” to “OMG’s” and everything in between. Stamos usually doesn’t post such sexy photos, and even if he didn’t mean for it to be sexy, it totally was. And it was great.

His caption for the pic was perhaps even more telling. “51 no filters F’ it,” he wrote. Perhaps someone should inform John that he doesn’t need filters — and he never has! There really is nothing about this man that women don’t like… and each day he seems to prove that.

Did you enjoy his shirtless selfie?

[Photo courtesy of Getty Images via Ryan Seacrest]