Julie Bowen: I 'Love and Hate' My Kids!

Sometimes it's tempting to look at celebrities' lives and think they have it easy with a personal trainer, a cook, a nanny and a maid... well, that's what we all assume.

But even with the help stars have in bringing up kids, it still seems that the challenges of parenting don't pass over them entirely. Modern Family's Julie Bowen recently spoke up about the rigors of being a mom, dishing quite frankly on how it's easy perhaps to love children but not always like them.

Bowen was at one of the glittering Emmys-related affairs yesterday- the Governor's Ball in Los Angeles- when she took the time out to talk to Us Weekly about what being a mom looks like for a celeb. And while there may be a bit more nanny-time and post-awards ceremony celebrating for the TV mom, it's not all fun and games either.

Bowen admitted:

"If I wasn't a mom, I think it'd be harder to understand what it is to live with a child and hate and love them all at once... Claire does that with her kids, and I do that with mine."
Bowen- whose own modern family includes one four-year-old and two-year-old twins, verbalized the stress felt by mothers all over when discussing what it's like to care for three toddlers:
"I love them so much. There's always this undercurrent of love, but there are moments when I really wouldn't mind if a giant hook just pulled them off the stage of my life! I think that's how Claire feels. But if I wasn't a parent, I think that dichotomy would confuse me."
The new season of Modern Family kicks off later this week on ABC.