Top 10 Mugshots Photos Showcase Criminals In A Funny Light

The top 10 mugshots photos we have collected here should be good for at least one laugh or two. Some of the jokes were probably unintentional, but you can tell some of these criminals were just being creative.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, the Jeremy Meeks mugshot had women on social media going nuts over the man. Eventually, the hottest criminal ever arrested ended up on the run from the Feds and his family was not exactly happy about his reputation as the sexist felon ever.

None of these guys in our top 10 mugshots collection will probably ever be offered a modeling contract, although some may be the life of the party. Starting with number 10 in our list, 19-year-old Robert Burt of Pittsville, Maine, was arrested for drunk driving and he decided to make a mug shot that has wondering whether the cops were in on the joke or not.

#10 – A mugshot within a mugshot within a… it’s almost like mugshot inception!

Top 10 Mugshots 1

#9 – This lovely lady didn’t pull off the hall of mirrors effect, but at least her shirt was honest about why she was standing there for a mugshot photo.

Top 10 Mugshots 2

#8 – Makes you wonder if these people plan on getting arrested.

Top 10 Mugshots 7

#7 – Again, the T-shirt is the winner.

Top 10 Mugshots 11

#6 – It’s either time travel or this guy was nabbed from a costume party. Otherwise, I don’t think Wilma will be too happy…

Top 10 Mugshots 3

#5 – We’re guessing this mugshot photo was not from Colorado. Either way, great job at matching your face to the moment.

Top 10 Mugshots 4

#4 – In this case, a picture says 15 words that explain the situation perfectly.

Top 10 Mugshots 5

#3 – We’re guessing this mugshot photo was actually for a drunk mustache and it got pulled over while lost.

Top 10 Mugshots 6

#2 – We’re guessing this guy got mad when someone attempted to tip him.

Top 10 Mugshots 10

What happened to #1 for the top 10 mugshot photos? I kinda borrowed something from #5 and since #10 was technically two pictures in one… Oh, here’s one.

Funny Mug Shots

Last but not least, we just hope this funny mugshot is not real.

Funny Mug Shots 2