Baby Got Class! Parents Rap Back To School Trip To The Tune Of Sir Mix A Lot [Video]

Does your baby got class? The Holderness family decided they would celebrate their back to school trip by doing a parody remix of the old Sir Mix A Lot song “Baby Got Back.” But instead of focusing on a certain something-something, these parents are buying school supplies, making backpacks “round and big,” “making that healthy lunch,” and saying, “I like big buses, I cannot lie!”

In a related report by The Inquisitr, there’s actually a new controversy starting with the 2014 school year. For example, so-called “participation trophies” would reward kids for just for showing up. There’s also a lot of concern about kids’ backpacks being overloaded, so we produced a guide for figuring out ways to lighten the load.

Penn Holderness is a former news anchor and TV host who started his own production company. He has since created multiple viral videos, including the Christmas one from December called “Christmas Jammies.” Although the original song obviously was not suitable for families, the “Baby Got Class” video is suitable for watching at school.

They even have a nice shout out at the end, dedicating the video to all the teachers, bus drivers, administrators, and support staff who teach and love our children, including the “amazing teachers who take care of our kids all year and don’t make enough money.” But, as they point out, even if you could afford a Mercedes Benz the kids would likely mess it up in a day, anyway.