Remember that pirated clip you were watching on YouTube? Viacom will soon know it was you

Duncan Riley

Google has been ordered to hand over details of every video ever watched on YouTube to Viacom, along with user names and IP addresses.

The decision was handed down by the United States District Court (Southern District of New York) in the ongoing Viacom action against YouTube, according to a report at Wired.

Google argued that handing over the data would invade its users' privacy, however the judge ignored the argument. The EFF has already labeled the decision a violation of the Video Privacy Protection act that "threatens to expose deeply private information."

A full copy of the decision below. Although the data's primary use is for Viacom to show that the majority of items viewed on YouTube are copyright infringing items, it also means that Viacom now has access to identifying information on the people who watched that content as well.

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