Adorable Puppy Battles Doorstop [Video]

If you have been looking for the most insanely cute puppy video on the internet, I have a good feeling that you have stumbled upon it here.

In the video above, a puppy named Stella has an epic battle with the doorstop.

While the video is absolutely adorable, why is the puppy doorstop battle happening in the first place? How do puppies interact with or see inanimate, non-living objects?

For the answer, we looked to Motherboard, but there were more questions than answers after citing different articles and documentary film series.

“Research published in a 2011 paper in Animal Cognition tracked dogs’ eye movements as they were shown a variety of photographs of dogs, humans, and inanimate objects, in a bid to understand dogs’ cognitive abilities. The authors found that ‘dogs focused their attention of the informative regions of the images without any task-specific pre-training,’ and that the dogs paid most attention to other dogs, some to humans, and little to inanimate objects.”

The article continues with this conclusion:

“To bring things back to BBC Earth’s puppies, we tend to think that our development is shaped by how we’re able to interact with the world. So if a puppy has worse eyes than a toddler, that puppy must not develop the same reliance on sight. While direct comparisons between the visual development of a puppy and a toddler is far from apples-to-apples, it’s still interesting to note that sight is part of both of their cognitive developments, even if the two don’t see the world the same way.”

So even though the article does not exactly explain what could be causing the epic puppy doorstop battle in the video above, we do at least have a deeper understanding of what is going on inside the minds of puppies.

This is the second video I’ve posted about recently in which a dog’s mind may have been playing tricks on it. The previous example was a video of a dog having dreams.

To see that video and read about all puppy and doggy dreams, just click on over to my previous Inquisitr article.

And tell us what you think. Was the puppy in the video above seeing the doorstop clearly? What do you believe he was thinking as he battled the doorstop with intensity? We would love to read your feedback in the comments section below.

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