WWE News: John Cena Confirms That He Will Never Turn Heel

John Cena creates controversy as soon as his entrance music hits. As soon as Cena began his journey to the top of WWE, the Internet Wrestling Community started to clamor and predict when he would turn heel. It made sense that if Hulk Hogan could turn heel that Cena could too. In the end, it made sense for Hogan to turn. Cena as a heel just doesn’t make sense.

Despite what Cena wants, the WWE won’t pull the trigger. There will never be another “Bash at the Beach” moment for the man from West Newbury, Massachusetts. In fact, Cena commented on the potential for a heel turn and the result isn’t what the IWC wanted.

“[It will] never happen,” Cena said. “Oh I’ve got it in me for sure… I do what they tell me, boss.”

To say that Cena owns the skill to be a heel is an understatement. When he portrayed the “Doctor of Thuganomics” persona, Cena was a crowd favorite, while at the same time continuing to be a jerk to popular superstars. For example, Cena had many memorable moments with the crowd and some WWE legends.

A few weeks ago, John Cena teased a heel turn on Twitter. For the people who believed him, don’t let him fool you again. Cena will never go to the dark side of the wrestling industry. It isn’t in his blood. From a booking standpoint, nobody has the ability to carry the company as a top face right now.

Few wrestling fans really stop and think about the business aspect of the industry. It is easy to say that a young guy has all the tools to become the face of WWE. Bray Wyatt, Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, and Dean Ambrose are the future of WWE. That is not in doubt, but not one of them is ready to lead a company into the future.

Maybe a year down the road will bring the company’s next face, but that still remains to be seen. Right now, Reigns seems to be the guy to replace Cena at the top. However, with the influx of top talent the WWE has, a brand split would be very beneficial to every wrestler. However, that’s another article for another day.

The Shield

Right now, Brock Lesnar is scheduled to face Cena at Night of Champions. Even if the WWE would consider a heel turn for Cena, nothing would be done this soon. Let’s say Daniel Bryan makes an immaculate comeback and wins the WWE World Heavyweight championship at Money in the Bank or another big pay-per-view. Cena could ruin his comeback and turn heel on Bryan. Other than that, don’t expect the unexpected to take place.

Enjoy Cena as a face, because that’s the only thing WWE will showcase. He makes the company, sells more merchandise, does more public appearances, and puts the WWE on the map as a respectable company. Now that’s somebody I’d want to headline my business.

[Images via Bleacher Report and Rant Sports]