WWE News: Stone Cold Steve Austin Comments On One Last Match At WrestleMania

Stone Cold Steve Austin will live on as one of the greatest WWE superstars in professional wrestling history. At one point, he was the most “over” wrestler in the world. His feud with the Rock remains one of the best feuds in wrestling history, not just WWE, but also the entire industry.

He stomped mudholes and flipped off more wrestlers and businessmen that the WWE Universe can count. Austin wasn’t afraid to open up a can of whoop-a** and repeatedly get in a wrestler’s face after a Stone Cold Stunner. Without a doubt, Austin gave the WWE fans memories they’ll never forget.

Since his retirement in 2003, fans have been clamoring for him to return and wrestle one more time. Austin continues to disprove the wishes of many, but in a recent interview with Wade Keller Livecast, he hinted at a return at WrestleMania 32 in Dallas, Texas.

“I’ll reserve my right to, if I want to have a match down the road and I see…” Stone Cold says before switching gears. “Okay, say like Dallas, Texas is going to be [WrestleMania] 32 correct?

“Now Dallas, that could be very special, going back to Texas for 32,” Austin says. “They’re going to need a loaded card to fill that house. So I’ll reserve my right, but am I pushing, pandering, selling, promoting? “Nothing?”

Just like CM Punk, Austin will never beg the WWE for another run with the company. That just isn’t his style. The certain toughness and stubborn-nature of Austin might be the downfall of a return. He isn’t the only one wanting to wrestle again. Hulk Hogan is campaigning for one more go-round, and he named the Texas Rattlesnake as a potential opponent.

Personally, watching a match with Austin and Hogan would be a one big pop during the entrances, followed by boredom, then another outrageous pop when Austin hits the Stunner for the victory. Maybe it’s Hogan that nobody wants to see try and wrestle.

A match between Austin and Punk would certainly fill every seat at Cowboys Stadium. With Punk gone from the company for an unknown period of time, that bout looks very unlikely.

Stone Cold

To make the “feud” worse between Austin and Hogan, the Texas Rattlesnake even said in an interview that he was “better than Hogan.” He isn’t wrong. Granted, they both performed in different eras, but Austin was literally unstoppable on the microphone and in the ring. Another piece of evidence lies as the WWE’s interest in trainers. They wanted Austin to host Tough Enough’s return and not Hogan.

Regardless, a Stone Cold Steve Austin return would put the behinds in the seats. Every episode of Monday Night Raw would surpass each episode before it with Austin there. Face it WWE, there is a gold mine in Austin that should not be ignored. It seems that Austin is healthy enough to even ponder about a return. Vince McMahon and Triple H cannot let this go, because Austin isn’t getting any younger.

[Images via PWMania and WWE.com]