Lauren Bacall Dog: Late Actress Leaves $10,000 To Her Dog

Lauren Bacall made sure her dog, Sophie, was well taken care of, financially anyway, after her death. According to Mail Online, Bacall left $10,000 in her will, which is to be given to her son, Sam Robards (his father is Jason Robards), to care for Sophie the papillon. Almost all of the rest of Bacall’s fortune has been split up evenly amongst her three children.

“Her wealth will be shared evenly among New York-based Robards and his half-siblings Stephen Humphrey Bogart and Leslie Bogart. A sum of $15,000 was left to Isla Hernandez, who worked as the former model’s maid for the last 14 years… Another staffer, Maria Santos, was left $20,000.”

Lauren Bacall’s dog was obviously very special to her, and she wanted to be sure that the pup was cared for without any fuss. Obviously not everyone wants to care for a pet, but Bacall wanted to be sure that money wouldn’t be the reason for Sophie to not be taken care of. This, of course, was very important for Bacall, so hopefully the $10,000 will help Sam Robards take great care of his mom’s four-legged fur-baby.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Bacall died on Aug. 12. The 89-year-old actress suffered a massive stroke in her home. Bacall had a will drawn up in 2013. In it, she made a few special requests, in addition to divvying up her money. According to The New York Daily News, Bacall also had one very specific request: She did not want any of her personal information be made public. Most believe that her children will respect that request.

“I request that my children respect my wish to keep private certain personal letters, writings, diaries, and other papers or memorabilia.”

Lauren Bacall and her dog were very close, something that many pet owners experience. The money left behind to care for Sophie proves that Bacall wanted her pup to have the best care, and to be loved without any feelings of burden or forcefulness.

Bacall’s estate is worth an estimated $26.6 million. She had money from her late husband’s estate (Humphrey Bogart died in 1957), an art collection said to be worth millions, and a beautiful apartment worth $9 million on New York’s Upper West Side. It is unknown what will become of Bacall’s apartment. If her children decide to sell it, they would likely split the money — though it is unclear who the apartment was actually left to.

[Photo courtesy of Stuart Conway/The Telegraph]