Kevin Sorbo Makes Facebook Gaffe — Again! See How ‘Hercules’ Star Screwed Up This Time

Just a day after conservative Hollywood actor Kevin Sorbo was forced to apologize for a Facebook rant in which he called the protesters in Ferguson, Missouri, “animals” and “losers,” another post on the former Kull The Conqueror star’s Facebook page is causing controversy online.

Sorbo, who most recently starred in the anti-atheism film God’s Not Dead, has not yet commented on the controversy over the post, or indicated that another apology is forthcoming, but at the very least, he appears to have fallen for an online hoax that seems to confirm his beliefs about people on “welfare.”

The hoax confirms those beliefs, that is, until a simple online search that may take a few seconds exposes the post for what it actually is — which is nothing like what Sorbo claimed it to be.

In fact, Sorbo need look no father than the comments section on the post on his own Facebook page to understand his mistake.

The post consisted of a photo that has been making the viral rounds online for the past several months. According to the hoax version, the photo depicts a group of people in a “welfare” office who are so lazy that they don’t even bother to stand in line, instead just placing their shoes in a queue then sitting down and doing whatever it is lazy people do.

Here’s the photo…

And this is what the 55-year-old Kevin Sorbo had to say about it on his page.

“No reason to stand on your feet waiting to get your welfare check.

“Just put your flip-flops next in line and go back and sit on your butt and play games on your iPhone.

“Is this a great country or what?”

Actually, Sorbo in his short post managed to hit on two false beliefs common among conservatives: the “people on welfare are lazy” prejudice, and the weird meme that somehow people who require government assistance are faking their poverty because they have cell phones.

The reality, however, is that the photograph does not depict a “welfare” office (most government benefits are distributed electronically, anyway, no longer in an office where people wait in line). In fact, the photo was not even taken in the United States.

The photo was taken in Thailand and was posted in the internet forum Reddit in January. The point was to show customs of politeness in Thai culture, in which rather than forcing people to wait in a line, they simply agree to place their shoes in a line while they wait in a more comfortable way.

There is no indication that the location in the photo is any kind of “welfare” office. It appears to be simply some kind of an establishment where people just wait in line for windows to open — such as a bank or Department of Motor Vehicles would be in the USA.

Some commenters on the Kevin Sorbo Facebook pointed out this fact, but the post has been shared more than 11,000 times from the actor’s page.