The Hunger Games Theme Park Coming Soon – Will Children Die?

The Hunger Games is poised to be one of the most successful film franchises in recent history. By box office measures and hype leading into the upcoming third of four planned movies, it’s already highly successful. So how do you follow up a teenage angst sci-fi movie series like The Hunger Games? Well, obviously with video games and a theme park.

The Hunger Games Theme Park is being planned by Lionsgate, who own the rights to The Hunger Games series. According to E Online, Lionsgate told investors that they plan to expand on the mobile game for the films and the traveling museum with a Hunger Games theme park, for which they are in talks with prospective investment partners.

November’s release of the latest in the film series, The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 1, is running a fever pitch of hype and marketing.

Fans, though, seem lackluster on the idea. The Hunger Games Theme Park could go well, of course, but the implications, given the plot theme of the films and books, might be… well… not so good. Will the park take volunteer tributes? Will they fight to the death and then exit through the gift shop? Several tweets seem to show a fair amount of trepidation and skepticism by fans.

To go with that, MTV News created a hilarious list of things they definitely do not want to see in The Hunger Games Theme Park. These include things like a District 13 Playground and park employees dressed as District Police. Nevermind a Hunger Games ride where kids have to kill each other. Oh, the lawsuits!

the-hunger-games-pic07The real problem here is the context. After all, The Hunger Games is a gritty and depressing place, not a place for fun times and family vacationing. It’s a world where a small ruling elite ride on the backs of millions of people who’d consider third world living an upgrade. How, exactly, do you turn a place like the Hunger Games into a fun theme park?

Of course, they’ve successfully taken relatively depressing tales from Disney and turned them into the world’s most iconic theme parks and have turned Harry Potter into a king of themes too. It’s not as if the rides have to have a lot to do with the actual movies. Right? So long as the cool outfits, iconic Hunger Games personas, and generalized, but more upbeat, storylines are at least alluded to in the actual Hunger Games theme park, it will work. In general.

Die hard Hunger Games fans won’t be happy, of course, but theme parks aren’t about the hardcore fans. They’re about the peripheral “sort of heard of it, saw a movie” fans. They’re the ones with money and parental influence who want to take selfies in front of a Hob restaurant tribute. So it looks as if the Hunger Games Theme Park is likely to come to fruition. Likely, we suspect, at about the time the next Hunger Games installment hits theaters.