‘Big Brother 16’ Spoilers: A Medical Emergency Shakes Up The House (Updated)

Updated: Victoria was attended to in the Diary Room, and she is now back in the house. Big Brother spoilers from the live feeds indicate that she was given an IV and she’ll be getting more medications shortly. While she’s a bit shaky, she is back after being gone for about two hours. However, she is not allowed to participate in the Power of Veto competition, which is about to take place. Stay tuned for further developments.

Just when things seemed a little boring in the Big Brother 16 house, something unexpected happened. Hopefully all will work out okay on this one, but there was apparently a medical emergency in the house on Saturday. What are the Big Brother spoilers available so far on this one?

As Big Brother Network notes, Big Brother spoilers indicate that Victoria Rafaeli has been struggling with tooth pain over the past day or so. Throughout the day on Friday, Victoria went to the Diary Room and was asking for pain medications. She was frustrated that she wasn’t being given anything that helped, and the pain continued.

Saturday morning, Nicole was getting ready in the bathroom when Victoria came in and went into the stall. A couple of minutes later, Nicole got worried and asked if Victoria was okay. She replied, “No,” and when Nicole didn’t get a response to further questions, she opened up the door. Victoria was laying on the floor. Apparently Victoria was very sweaty and wasn’t responsive, so Nicole yelled out for help. Derrick ran toward the bathroom and the live feeds cut out.

The feeds were out for around 45 minutes and when they returned, Victoria seemingly was not in the house. The latest Big Brother spoilers from the live feeds indicated that the BB16 houseguests were sitting around the table chatting, and it doesn’t seem that any reference to Victoria has been made.

Jokers Updates noted that before the bathroom incident, Victoria was in bed and had pulled off some clothes then laid back down, as if perhaps she was hot and feverish. Some fans online are speculating that she may have an infection or something of that nature in relation to the tooth pain issue, and hopefully she’s going to be fine. Will Victoria be able to return to the house? If she doesn’t, that could definitely shake up plans for the week, but it’s too early to know quite how it will all play out.

Previous Big Brother spoilers revealed that Cody had nominated Nicole and Donny for eviction this week. Typically the Power of Veto competition is held on Saturday, and fans are curious to see what transpires there. For a bit Friday night Cody, was contemplating putting Frankie up if Donny were to come down off the block, but of course Derrick shut that down pretty quickly. Many BB16 fans would love to see Cody go that route, but it’s not looking likely.

Stay tuned for more Big Brother spoilers throughout the weekend along with updates on Victoria Rafaeli’s condition. Big Brother 16 airs on CBS on Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday nights.

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