Kylie Minogue Replaced By Rita Ora On ‘The Voice UK’

Kylie Minogue is getting “replaced” by singer and Fifty Shades of Grey actress Rita Ora on the UK version of the singing competition The Voice.

Before you light your torches and start burning effigies of Ora on your front lawn, keep in mind that Minogue bid farewell to the program on her own terms. According to WalesOnline, Kylie decided to drop out of the show to focus more on her own career. You really can’t fault a lady for wanting to take care of business.

We’re sure you’re wondering how much money producers are offering Kylie Minogue’s replacement on The Voice UK. Anonymous sources with suitcases full of inside info dished that Ora received a six-figure deal for her participation. In other words, judging folks on their singing skills can earn you a pretty penny if you know the right people.

Although Rita was quick to sign on as Kylie Minogue’s replacement, she reportedly turned down a very lucrative offer from Simon Cowell to serve as a judge on The X Factor. The Daily Mail explains that Ora wants to continue focusing on her own music, something she can do with a bit more ease on The Voice UK.

Minogue, meanwhile, is forging ahead with a tour in support of her latest album. Of course, Kylie was understandably disappointed that she had to bid farewell to the popular singing competition. After her decision started making the rounds online, she issued a farewell message to her countless fans and followers on Facebook.

“Hi Lovers, thanks to all of you for your incredible support throughout this past season of ‘The Voice UK.’ I’m sad to say that, due to the timing of my European tour, I won’t be back for Season 4. I absolutely loved my time on the show, and I’ll miss all of the incredible people who were a part of my experience. I hope to see you all on my Kiss Me Once tour, and wish continued success to everyone at ‘The Voice’!”

Hardcore Minogue fans who are seriously bummed about her surprising decision to move on from the television program can satisfy their cravings for Kylie by picking up a copy of her 2014 album Kiss Me Once. Fans who reside in the UK should seriously consider picking up tickets for her KMO tour. A handful of dates are presently sprinkled throughout the month of September, so jump on that opportunity while you can.

Are you disappointed that Kylie Minogue left The Voice UK? What do you think about Rita Ora taking her place on the show?

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