‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Spoilers: AshLee And Clare Have ‘Epic Confrontation’ In Episode 4

New Bachelor in Paradise spoilers are out for episode 4 airing on Monday, Aug. 25. It has been teased that there is an explosive confrontation between Clare Crawley and AshLee Frazier, and now ABC has shared a preview that gives fans a bit of scoop. Though everybody will have to tune in to see the fallout, there is no doubt that this one is going to be crazy.

The new ABC Bachelor in Paradise spoiler preview shows AshLee and Zack Kalter chatting in a hammock while Clare and Cody apparently are hanging out and walking on the beach. Frazier asks Zack if he’s sure he really wants to be tied down to Clare, and AshLee even pushes him about whether he’s sexually attracted to Crawley.

While Zack is saying that he does indeed like Clare, AshLee keeps pushing, and she’s obviously trying to get him to reconsider his relationship with Crawley. At one point, AshLee even mentions that she’s surprised there’s not a camera on them. Apparently she doesn’t realize there indeed is a camera catching every word, and fans have a hunch this mistake will come in to play later.

Though the Bachelor in Paradise spoiler preview doesn’t show how Clare comes to learn of AshLee’s harsh words, it all comes to light somehow, and there is said to be an epic confrontation between the two. AshLee and Clare have already had some challenging moments with one another in this short season, but it all explodes Monday night. Apparently both Zack and Graham will be left wondering about these blossoming romantic relationships.

From the looks of things, the drama between AshLee Frazier, Clare Crawley, and the guys will carry over into Tuesday’s episode. The previews have teased that Graham walks out just before AshLee gives him a rose, and it is edited to make it seem that AshLee goes running off into the woods. However, Reality Steve’s spoilers indicate that, of course, that isn’t exactly what goes down. Viewers should brace themselves to have everything left hanging at that point, though, it would seem.

What’s the fallout from AshLee and Clare’s big fight? Bachelor in Paradise spoilers from Reality Steve indicate that Clare will end up deciding to leave on her own prior to the rose ceremony on Tuesday’s show. Tune in to Bachelor in Paradise airing on Monday, Aug. 25 to see just how all of the drama between AshLee and Clare plays out in this coming week.

[Image via Wetpaint]