Lena Dunham Teases ‘Girls’ Season 4 [Video]

Lena Dunham has previewed a behind-the-scenes look from the upcoming season of Girls, and if we’re going by the clip, it looks like Hannah is not going to be exactly graceful about transitioning into suburban life in Iowa.

A Brooklyn transplant, Hannah has moved far away from her friends in Greenpoint now that she has gotten into her dream grad program at the University of Iowa. While the scene isn’t a real look at Hannah, and is in fact a mock scene of Girls taping, it shows Dunham riding awkwardly as Hannah would, in a bright pink helmet. Not too long before she arrives on the fictional campus, Dunham “falls” and is helped up by production as we see the official slate for the show.

Obviously Dunham doesn’t have a problem with laughing at herself, and if it’s not clear by the situations she writes for herself to act out on a weekly basis for the HBO show, then it’s in her thoughts around the show. Earlier in the year SNL had done a parody on Girls, and instead of taking it to heart, Dunham was thrilled.

When she made her debut on SNL conversation turned to Tina Fey’s episode as host and the hilarious Girls digital short. At the time, Dunham told the Today’s Show Savannah Guthrie:

“It was one of the best things that has ever happened to me. I was sitting there watching it and I couldn’t believe these people that I admired were even aware enough of my work to constructive this parody. I had heard that week that they were doing a SNL parody of Girls and I was terrified, but I think they took such a smart approach. It wasn’t nudity obsessed, it wasn’t all about my weight, it was a really intelligent thoughtful approach to Girls.”

Going back to the upcoming season of Girls, we really don’t have too much information. We can probably make a logical guess that Adam and Hannah will still be on the outs. If distance wasn’t enough then the way they left things really solidifies that they won’t be back together for some time. After their semi-quasi break they took so Adam could focus on his off-Broadway endeavor, Hannah showed up at opening night to tell him about her acceptance into the writing program, but in a way that proved that she was too self-centered to really learn from her past mistakes.

Last year we saw Hannah in a whole new environment as she worked at GQ. While the interaction was refreshing, it’s going to be even more exciting to see how Hannah will interact in a whole new setting and characters outside of her world.

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