Danity Kane Had Reality Show In The Works? Aundrea Fimbres Speaks Out On Group Split

Danity Kane is no more after a huge fight between Dawn Richard and Aubrey O’Day, but a former band member is speaking out about the group’s split in regard to some recent developments. According to Singers Room, Aundrea Fimbres — who supposedly left the reunion to start a family — recently talked about what went down, and she says that she’s speaking the truth.

Apparently, the girl group (first put together by Diddy) filmed some segments for a possible reality show (which wasn’t picked up). One of the clips was allegedly released by O’Day to try and make Richard “look bad.” Fimbres now confirms, however, that the clip was completely staged for the reality show pilot. So, basically, Dawn was acting.

“Only facts. I was there during the taping of a pilot for E! Which was not picked up. The pilot was completely staged. No one member is to blame for Danity Kane. We all played a part.”

Danity Kane, of course, had problems long before this newer drama. The girls — there were originally five — had a lot of magical times together, but they couldn’t put aside their egos and personal motives to make things work as a group. After almost all of them tried to have a solo career — and were unsuccessful at it save for maybe Aubrey — they decided that they would give the group thing a try.

The girls started off without D. Woods, as a foursome. A couple of weeks in, Fimbres mysteriously left the group without any kind of formal announcement (it has only recently been reported that she wanted to start a family, but still… why wouldn’t she have said something?). And so Dawn, Aubrey, and Shannon Bex gave things another go. And they did alright, for a very short while.

According to The Inquisitr, the girls got into a huge fight during a meeting earlier this month. Things allegedly turned violent, and Aubrey said that Dawn punched her in the back of the head. Although the reasoning behind the huge fight isn’t completely clear, sources say that Dawn was upset because Aubrey and Shannon had been talking about business matters and making plans behind her back. Still, that is no excuse to get physical.

You can see Danity Kane in the video clip below. According to Popdust, the full argument (staged or otherwise) isn’t shown, but is it really that easy to fake tension? Obviously there’s a lot going on between these women that the public knows nothing about.

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