WWE: Alberto Del Rio Refuses Triple H Job Offer, May Defy No-Compete Contract Like Brock Lesnar

Alberto Del Rio’s WWE return is unlikely to happen since rumors are claiming that Triple H offered to take Mexico’s greatest import back only to be told to take a hike. It’s also claimed that Alberto Del Rio is talking to his lawyers about defying the no-compete stipulation in his WWE contract so he can compete in MMA or other pro wrestling organizations.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, if Alberto Del Rio joined TNA, he was told he would become a world champion almost immediately. The WWE management also burned the bridges a little after firing Alberto Del Rio because they launched a Twitter attack and then went on to warn current wrestlers to be more careful with social media. Del Rio has been talking to his lawyers, and it’s possible he may speak publicly about the circumstances of his departure and his dispute with WWE social media worker Cody Barbierri.

The rumor going around is that when Alberto Del Rio was told by Triple H that the WWE was firing him, he also promised that if the wrestler “kept his nose clean” for six months that they might be able to re-hire him once the backstage heat died down a little. It’s also claimed that top stars like John Cena and Randy Orton told Del Rio they would support him being rehired in the future. In response, the Mexican Aristocrat dismissed the appeal to reason and claimed he would never show his face in the WWE again.

So Alberto Del Rio immediately went on the job hunt. His first public appearance was with Mexico’s AAA wrestling, but now it’s claimed he will be fighting the one-year ban imposed by his WWE contract. According to Daily Wrestling News, “Del Rio’s representatives have contacted indie wrestling promoters in the U.S. and said that Del Rio will be taking bookings for autograph signings and matches in the U.S. very soon because he doesn’t feel that WWE’s one-year non-compete that keeps him from doing MMA and pro wrestling, while not paying him, will hold up in court. Del Rio’s asking price for indie bookings is said to be extremely high.”

The reason that Del Rio may be right about the no-compete clause not holding up is because of the history with Brock Lesnar’s WWE contract. Back in 2003, Lesnar signed a WWE contract with a no-compete clause that lasted up until 2010. But Lesnar filed a lawsuit in hopes of getting out of the non-compete. Long story short, Lesnar breached the contract for New Japan Pro Wrestling and eventually WWE settled the case and allowed Lesnar an unrestricted contract release in April of 2006. It’s also rumored that Vince McMahon allowed Lesnar to have a new WWE contract that allowed him to compete in both the UFC and the WWE at the same time.

Do you want Alberto Del Rio to return to the WWE? Or do you wish him luck elsewhere in the MMA and pro wrestling scene?