'Pretty Little Liars' - Who Will Die In The Finale?

Last week's episode of Pretty Little Liars answered a pretty big question - who killed Bethany Young? But next week's episode has even bigger questions to answer.

Which Liar will get arrested?

And who will die?

And is "A" actually Ali?

Of course, there are plenty of theories to all the questions.

As to which Liar gets arrested, one theory is Aria Montgomery, who killed Shana in New York City. It was, of course, in self-defense, but there is the possibility that the police have finally figured out the connection between Aria and Shana's murder. Or it could be that Aria's guilt finally leads her to confess her role in Shana's death. Or...maybe "A" just went ahead and gave the cops the evidence they needed to arrest her.

Or maybe the Liar who gets arrested is Spencer, over the murder of Bethany Young. She can't even remember the sleepover the Liars had the night Ali disappeared - so maybe she did hit Bethany over the head with the shovel. Viewers know that Spencer is innocent - Melissa Hastings confessed to the accidental murder of Bethany in last week's episode. When she saw Spencer carrying a shovel on the night of Ali's murder and found a body, she assumed that the body was a dead one, that it was Alison, and that her younger sister had done the deed. And so Melissa's act of pushing the still-alive Bethany Young into the grave and burying her alive was actually big sister Melissa Hastings's way of protecting younger sister Spencer.

Yet it seems to be mainly Spencer that Lieutenant Tanner continues to eyeball, along with the other Liars. And after Melissa's confession, Spencer becomes an accessory after the fact.

And why didn't Spencer destroy the videotape of her sister confessing, anyhow?

Or maybe all of the Liars get arrested. Everything they do is so connected and inter-connected, and it does seem as if Lieutenant Tanner suspects all of them in the death of Bethany Young.

As for who may die...well, to shock the viewers of Pretty Little Liars, it's going to have to be a major character. Will it be one of the Liars themselves? Teasers indicate that the "fatal finale" could mean "one less liar," but it's almost a question, so it could mean that it's not a Liar who dies, but someone connected.

The theories that Jaymie Bailey, author of All Things PLL, and Tara Filliator, author of Crazy PLL 901 put forth include Caleb and Mona as both possible victims.

According to Filliator, it could be Caleb because, although Caleb believes the curse is over, the Ouija marker actually points to "goodbye," which could be foreshadowing Caleb's death.

And both authors agree that it may be Mona. Although if it is Mona, they say, she probably isn't really dead. Instead, they hope she fakes her own death in order to "take the throne back from Ali." This could very well be true as it is implied no body is actually found. The teaser for the summer finale shows Holbrook examining the crime scene of what looks like an obvious murder and saying, "The amount of blood in the house would indicate that the victim's wounds were fatal. We have ruled this a homicide."

As for the identity of A...well, there are even more theories on that.

But one thing that Pretty Little Liars fans know is that theories may seem well-supported, but often fall apart.

The summer finale of Pretty Little Liars, entitled "Taking This One To The Grave" airs next week. Will you be watching?

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