Kate Middleton Concerned About Queen’s Health And Miscarriage Rumors Addressed

Kate Middleton has become an instant celebrity, with eyes affixed to her every movement, similar to the way Princess Diana was idolized. In her short time as a princess and member of the Royal Family, she has been the victim of rumors and debate over her relationship with the Queen and the whether or not she is pregnant. Finally, there may be answers to both debates.

Queen Elizabeth and Kate Middleton come from quite different backgrounds, upbringings, and are members of completely different generations. So, assuming that they will be best friends or worst enemies is rather unfair. They will not always see eye to eye, but assuming that they are bitter enemies is unfounded. In reality, Kate Middleton sees Queen Elizabeth as the glue that keeps the family together, and fears that her support is essential to maintaining the tight knit family. According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, the relationship between Kate and the Queen is quite supportive both ways.

“Things may get tense at times, like when Kate get’s photographed half-naked, but the love is still there and Kate realizes that after the 88-year old monarch dies she will have few family members really in her corner. Kate and Prince William are trying to get pregnant now – as they have made clear since their trip to Australia and New Zealand, so Queen Elizabeth’s support is more important than ever.”

All in all, Kate Middleton is compared to Princess Diana in every aspect. The unjust comparison creates an imaginary perception that Kate and the Queen are bitter enemies, but we really cannot be sure how their relationship unfolds behind closed doors. The Queen, undoubtedly, loved her grandchildren and great grandchildren, so it can only be assumed that she would love and welcome their spouses into the family as well.

Another rumor that has been spreading is the pregnancy, miscarriage, and naming of Kate Middleton’s unborn child. Celeb Dirty Laundry tackled this issue as well, and presented onlookers with some common sense.

“Kate suddenly started making more public appearances over the last two weeks, and her bloat and weight gain suddenly disappeared. She started looking like herself again, which in turn sparked the miscarriage rumors. Now, this one I’m more hesitant to believe, only because I don’t think Will and Kate would have the enthusiasm to be making public appearances if Kate just suffered a miscarriage – and they are making a LOT of public appearances recently.”

Kate has shown that the first trimester of pregnancy plagues her with morning sickness, which would prevent her from any serious travel. Even if a new pregnancy did not muster the sickness, doctors would surely err on the side of caution. With upcoming travel plans, we can assume that she is not currently pregnant, or they would not attempt attending the wedding in Italy. We will most likely be informed of a pregnancy before the end of the year, as Kate plans to extend her family, but without solid proof of a miscarriage or current pregnancy, we can put those rumors to bed.

Why do you think the world cares so much about Kate and the fairy tale life she leads?

[Photo Courtesy: StyleIte]