Camilla Thurlow: Prince Harry’s New Girlfriend Unlike Anyone He’s Dated, Has Him ‘In Awe’

Camilla Thurlow reportedly has boyfriend Prince Harry wrapped around her finger, as the brunette beauty has been playing hard-to-get with the 29-year-old royal.

Thurlow and Prince Harry have been spotted together several times in the last few weeks, and reports indicate that she has already spent the night with Harry at his Kensington Palace apartment.

Sources say Prince Harry is “in awe” of his new girlfriend, and that Camilla Thurlow is unlike anyone he’s dated before.

“She’s the total opposite of other girls Harry’s dated, and it drives him crazy. She’s the most intelligent woman he’s ever been with. He’s in awe of her,” a source told OK! magazine. “She regularly turns him down for dates if she has something else going on and it’s making him want her more.”

They have come a long way from their first meeting, when Harry and Camilla were seen kissing at London hotspot Tonteria.

“They looked very cozy and kissed more than once,” a source said at the time. “But they are not serious in any way. They’re just two young people having a good time. It’s probably unlikely they will see each other again, they are both very busy. They both had a few drinks and looked like they were having a great time.”

But Harry and Camilla kept seeing each other, and now sources say they are starting to get serious. Though his new girlfriend may be different than Harry’s past lovers, she does share one important characteristic — a love of partying.

“Camilla is always the life and soul of the party. Harry is playing it cool because he wants to have fun, but Camilla could be just what he needs to get over Cressida [Bonas] once and for all,” a source said.

Camilla’s fun-loving lifestyle is very important, as that was a factor in Harry’s split with Cressida Bonas.

“Harry thought she was boring toward the end,” a source told E! News after Harry and Cressida split. “She didn’t like to go out, party and have fun as often as he does, and they weren’t matched enough for him to commit. Cress is beautiful, intelligent and fun — but she’s no raver like Harry still enjoys. Harry just wasn’t ready to settle down and head down the route of getting serious with his royal commitments. It’s going to take a special girl to tame him.”

While sources say the relationship is moving forward, Prince Harry and Camilla Thurlow have yet to make their relationship official.